Emancipation - the new woman's happiness?

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It's no secret that every year in the world, especially in developed countries, there is a growing number of members of the fairer sex who want to be dobytchitsami and basically think they can do without men.To talk about this phenomenon should understand emancipation - what's that?

Firstly, referring to dictionaries, note that in Rome, for example, this term refers to the output of a child from the custody of his father.Secondly, in the modern dictionary of foreign words indicated that the emancipation - the exemption from any kind of addiction, balancing rights.

Civil Code explains another concept - the emancipation of minors.The bottom line is that a minor under the age of 16 years may be declared fully capable if he signed a contract of employment and work.Also, this procedure is done, if the citizen is engaged in business with the permission of their parents, adoptive parents or guardians.Among other things, recognized emancipated minors to marry and divorce at full capacity does not lose its power.

Now disassemble another very important aspect - the emancipation of women.This issue deserves attention if only because that is a problem for the 21st century, he devoted to various studies which confirm that the emancipation of women not only leads to negative consequences, as is commonly believed.

Russian scientists figuring in question, where the shoe pinches, concluded that in the 20th century as a result of wars and revolutions, men almost never at home.The children put on their feet grandmother, aunts, mothers, and who planted them certain outlook on life.Of course, the sons of his father's upbringing was not enough, grew many infantile, not ready to take responsibility.

As a result, for several decades, completely rebuilt the system of gender relations between men and women.Homemakers, until recently, in fact, did not stand with the opposite sex as equals in rights have been infringed and, in principle, did not know that a woman's life can go the other way.

We are talking about Russia, because the process of emancipation in the United States began much earlier.They now have nearly 70% of women not married, and the proportion of free women in our country is growing rapidly every year.As a consequence - late delivery or even the refusal to have children, so-called movement of child-free, also came from the West.This is one of the negative consequences, which resulted in the emancipation of women.

other negative phenomena rather be called a vicious circle, a paradox.Men are in the majority now do not want to have a wife, standing at the stove, and do not have any interest, in addition to farming.They are interested in the successful, educated businesswoman, however, understand that the focus of their Kindle still have.

the paradox?These women have achieved recognition of success, they carry a large part of the duties of men, and many of them, oddly enough, charming and live one.At least for the time being.

Men, in turn, according to research, such Huntress need strong, capable of something of their beat.But these, unfortunately, are not as common.When asked why, the answer is that, in connection with the education of a fairly extensive part of the stronger sex still retained a vision of what a man in the house - the main, and a woman, if not the shadow, at least in what it does not exceedperson.

But emancipation - is not only a negative trend.On the positive side the emancipation of women would like to include the fact that women are free to study alongside men, possess active and passive suffrage, and more.

Thus, we have understood that emancipation - is granting this category of subjects equal rights with others.We understood that the Civil Code considers the notion of full legal capacity.Found that giving citizens aged 16 years alone - the emancipation of minors.