What kind of fish is best to bake in the oven?

Baking - one of the most successful, and therefore the most popular way of cooking fish.Spoil it by using the oven, it is difficult - unless overlook and turn to embers.However, for some species of fish other ways of cooking are considered preferable, so the question of what kind of fish is best to bake in the oven, there have cooks often enough.According to experienced cooks, any sea and some of the river.However, different species require different approaches: some remarkably obtained simply in the form of a sleeve that is more suitable, and for any foil.But let's deal with this issue more closely.

What better fish baked in the oven

Whatever the chosen method of baking certainly juicy and delicious obtained:

  • cod;
  • tooth;
  • mackerel;
  • carp;
  • rockcod;
  • oily fish;
  • halibut;
  • sardines;
  • sea bass;
  • mullet;
  • carp.

Tilapia juicy and tender obtained in foil.Dorada, haddock and sea bass is particularly pleasing taste filled - for example, greens and cheese.Alaska pollack, hake and capelin is better to leave the company with vegetables.So, what kind of fish is best baked in the oven - it is rather a question of your taste and personal preference.

Terms baking fish

only and the main condition - not to keep it in the oven for too long, and not to put too much heat.The result can be overdried carcass or, on the contrary, the porridge of the individual fibrils.Most cooks know at what temperature to bake the fish, so it turned out juicy, but whole, recommend a range of 170 to 220 degrees.The dwell time in the oven approximately calculated as a quarter of an hour on each shelf, plus the same amount for the rest of the carcass.For example, a fish weighing a kilogram spend minutes in the oven 45. For the whole fish just below the temperature assigned to the carcass managed propechsya through.At what temperature to bake the fish, cut into pieces, depending on the size of slices.More often than not exhibit still 220, but if they are too big, then enough and 200.

Fish in the shell of salt

Pretty little-known recipe, unfortunately.Meanwhile, his performance not labor, and does not require any exotic ingredients.The only condition: you have to know what fish is best baked in the oven in this way.Ideal sea bass, sea bream and sea bass, but just get worse and any other marine fish.She gutted, cleaned, washed and dried by a towel (inside too).The abdomen of each carcass placed sprigs of greenery and is hydrochloric shell.A kilo of salt (better to take a mixture of a large table and sea) is mixed with 3-4 tablespoons of water to salt is beginning to resemble sleet.To salt "Shirt" is not the sprawling, it is added to the protein, whipped with a couple of spoonfuls of water.The resulting mass (it is enough for a kilo of fish) is laid on a baking sheet, lightly pressed, the carcass is placed on top and closed on all sides with salt.Half an hour in the oven - and ready to fish.After 10 minutes, when the shell has cooled slightly, it is broken and peeled off from the carcass.Bear on the table!

fish with vegetables

Suitable any sea.First, preparing for "garnish": shred small head of cabbage, a couple of carrots and the same lukovok, large sweet pepper, two tomatoes and half a kilo of mushrooms.The carcass is cut in portions, each piece of salted, Perch, smeared with mayonnaise and lightly squirting lemon.If you wish, you can mix the vegetables with melted grated cheeses.All the components are formed in the sleeve, he tied and placed in the oven for half an hour.Then the fish baked in the package, carefully opened and returns still for 10-15 minutes.Delicious, juicy, and does not require the preparation of side dishes.

carp, baked in foil

Perhaps this fish, which is easiest to buy as much fresh - that is living.That's what she valued lovers of fish dishes.

So, you have a straight from the tin carp.Recipes (with photos can be seen wonderful) give consistently delicious results.However, most cooks are advised to bake it in foil.First, gutted fish, the cut should not only gills and eyes.After washing and obsushivaniya on the carcass with one hand made shallow cuts.The fish is rubbed with salt and pepper, is sprayed with lemon and put in the cold for half an hour - to marinate.Of equal amounts (half a cup) sour cream and mayonnaise with the addition of a spoon of vegetable oil made sauce in which a quarter of an hour soaking three large onions, crumbled semicircles.Carp smeared sauce, onion on a foil layer is laid on top - fish, onions again.The foil is tightly rolled and packed carp placed in an oven at 180 degrees.The carcass in two and a half kg will bake about an hour.Shortly before the end the foil should be deployed - to form crust.

Stuffed baked carp

If the fish while cooking in the oven, and even something to dump, it turns a wonderful yummy.No exception and carp (recipes have photos in the article).Almost the most wonderful mushroom stuffing is.For him, thin slices 200 grams of mushrooms and boletus stew about a quarter of an hour, then dressed with melted butter, mashed yolks of two raw eggs and whipped whites of them the same, and salted, peppered and pushed into the belly gutted and grated spices pound carcass.For the filling falls out, the abdomen is better to sew.Already laid in the shape of a carp pour melted butter and place in oven for about forty minutes.Not to dry, the fish should be periodically watered her own juice.

fish with cream sauce

sour as lemon, almost the best accompanying for any kind of fish.You can prepare it, so to speak, alone, you can add vegetables - the best potatoes and mushrooms.Then you get a good main course.But the fish baked in cream sauce, is good in itself.It takes eight grams per bird or polukilogrammovoe fillets.Best of both portions cut - and prepare more convenient and there.Fish sprinkled with lemon juice, pepper, is rolled in flour and roasted to blush on both sides.Half a liter of sour cream gently heated, mixed with two tablespoons of melted butter, and one - flour.The mixture was vigorously stirred, flavored with salt and spices and suitable languishing after boiling a few minutes at minimum heat.In a greased form located fried fish (if desired combined with vegetables), poured sauce and cooked for 5-7 minutes goes into the oven.If desired, sprinkle with cheese and.And already when filing - chopped greens.

fish with cheese in the oven

The most common way of cooking salmon, but believe me, any sea turns worse.At first, fish, baked with cheese, prepared as well as a sour cream - all preparatory operations are the same before the end of roasting.Is that the frying oil is better to take the olive.Parallel pripuskayut until golden onion rings.The form is laid out first fish on top - fried.Some of the top bow distribute sour cream or mayonnaise, but it's more delights, without fish, baked with cheese, it turns out just fine.By onions grated cheese crumbles (it is better not to regret, even layer is thicker).The form is sent to the oven for 15 minutes, until the cheese browns.

perch with dill and lemon

to river fish at all one and the same claim she is too skinny.Some still do not like it because it has an unpleasant smell of marsh.However, if you know how to cook a river fish, such details just do not notice.It is best to use for cooking food parchment.Take perch, clean it and cut into fillets.On paper lays out lemon slices, fresh sprigs of rosemary and fennel, and only the top - Okuneva carcass.Her upper lubricating oil (sunflower and conventional approach) solite and loosely wrapped in parchment.Edges can put together with toothpicks.You heat the oven to 180 and put it in the pan on the third hour.Believe me, after removing the samples you will love river fish!

bream in foil

Another great way to cook a river fish.From the method used to sea, it differs in that the pre-fry the same bream is not necessary.This is to make fried onions and carrots from the stands, and butter.Spread out on a sheet of foil zazharku lay out on it - fish carcasses, suitably prepared, over - the second half of frying and tomato circles.The foil is tightly rolled, bream is placed in a furnace for three quarters of an hour.Above 180 to raise the temperature is not recommended.