Full name Seva - a Sebastian or Vsevolod?

The dictionary of personal names Petrovka has a long list of names, from which the abbreviated turns Seva.Among them are those who are very rarely used nowadays.For example, Eusebius or Sevier.I do not often see men who call themselves so.But there are those names that are now in vogue.

most common variant

Full name Showa may not be such exotic.So it is possible to reduce and "Vsevolod".A man with the same name will have a wonderful character traits.Old Slavic name stands for "owning everything."He is very honest and decent.Name Vsevolod gives its owner the royal patience, the ability to ignore the annoying little things and misunderstandings, to concentrate on the main thing in life.

Full name Showa - Sebastian

sacred - so translates the name from the Greek.Seva, which is reduced by Sebastian, a man diligent and thoughtful.He lives as the air very well and calmly.But it should not hurt.Air can become a powerful hurricane.Name Sebastian gives its owner the power of perseverance and the ability to penetrate deeply into the essence of things, to make informed and better decisions.

Full name Showa - Severyan

Stubborn to cruelty, purposeful, able to pursue his.Such Seva, whose full name Severyan.This man is very reliable, but closed and uncommunicative.With his Greek name translates as "the son of a strict".Among the negative traits celebrate ambition, envy.Although such Seva - a reliable support in life, if you manage to arrange it yourself.

So what is it - Showa

clear that the traits of your acquaintance with the same name will be determined by what his full name.Seva can be both Vsevolod, and Severian.It is likely that it will be called Evsevon as Peter points out.The main feature of Seva - reliability and loyalty.On it you can rely on, no matter what his full name.

Seva - a woman?

It is even more rare scenario.But do not be surprised if you are told that met Seva, and then it turns out that it's not a young man.In the same dictionary mentions that a possible reduction of female names.For example, Sebastian and Eusebius could become Sev, if we follow the reasoning of Petrovsky.Now Slavonic names have become increasingly come into use.Of course, I met a girl who was named at birth Feoseviya still very difficult, but Severin found.Diminutive it will be called as Seva.It turns out that the name is not just a man.I wonder what character traits, it gives its owners, regardless of gender?Does it affect the manifestation of a person is not peculiar to the floor traits?

As the name Seva affect the nature of

Even the sound of the word speaks for softness.Name Seva very gentle, affectionate, even fluffy.If the decoding of letters, each of which bears the name of the holder of its features, but they all revolve around communication, contact with people of spirituality.It turns out that people who associate themselves with the same name, against the will of his character adds warmth and sincerity.To him attracting people who are willing to communicate with him.At the North, as a rule, a lot of friends.