Who is the brother of the husband for his wife, as it is called?

large families It is now rare.Sometimes people do not think about that, but her husband and his parents, there are other relatives.And in the old days, when the children had a lot of families, each family received their new "rank" and its responsibilities in relation to the kind of daughter who came in.

Relationship to the husband's brother's wife

Young after the wedding becomes not only her husband.With him she gets his blood relatives.If the husband has a brother (brothers), it will be her Devereaux.His children - nieces.But this less common word "yatrovka" determined her husband's brother's wife.What do you call it now?Now increasingly used the concept of "the daughter".Sister in law is considered to be a woman for all members of the family of her husband.But in relation to each other are two sister yatrovkami.

origin of the word brother-in-law

believed that this concept arose a very long time.It has Indo-European roots.Similar in meaning and sound concepts are found in Greek and Indian languages.Brother husband for his wife in Lithuania called dieveris.It sounds almost the same as in Russian.Among the Greeks, the brother of the husband for his wife - daer.Also there is a similarity.

Russian folk traditions

at the time.when all the relatives lived big happy family, we develop a certain tradition in the relationship.If a sister in law had the unpleasant set of proverbs and sayings, the Devereaux talked about more cautiously.Perhaps this is due to the tradition, according to which brother should marry the spouse of a deceased relative.In this case, the husband's brother for his wife becomes a potential spouse.Treat it should accordingly, trying to establish good relationships "just in case."If a woman becomes a widow, not only their well-being but also the well-being of her children depended on this relative.

Modern relationships

Now we are far from the traditions of the past.No one is forcing his family to take a wife of the deceased brother.But some of the best features of the old tradition is still alive.So, it is taken to support the family of a deceased relative.In some cases, the husband's brother for his wife becomes the only hope and support, when it comes to disaster.But the trouble is not worth waiting for.We need to take care of that life is not a divorce loved ones in different directions.Very much in the construction of a united family is dependent on the wives of brothers.Young people raised among parents, often competing with each other.This opposition can reach enormous sizes (up to a stupid, inexplicable quarrels).Here all the cards in the hands of the young.Not only the husband, but the husband's brother and his wife to be obedient "boy", if it can correct accents in the relationship.Quell the storm and direct the energy of loved ones in a positive direction - a problem of women (or women, if a brother is married).

some advice from a wise mother

Do not climb on the relationship between the husband and his relatives, without invitation.He built them a very long time, in one fell swoop to solve the problem is usually very difficult.The best situation - is when the brother of the husband for his wife becomes a true friend.But overdo it, achieving a result, it is not recommended.Excessive friendliness on the part of the young wife can be misinterpreted, then not far from scandals and jealousy.