"Nissan Almera hatchback" - excellent value for money

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Despite the fact that "Nissan Almera hatchback" has a very conservative look, hidden beneath quality assembled and balanced vehicle with precise steering, though not original, but cozy interior and low fuel consumption.In addition, the competitive price and the high level of equipment make the car an excellent option for those who need high-quality vehicle without a claim to originality.


"Nissan Almera hatchback" is very agile and spirited overclocking.The car shows good handling and traction with the road, which allows you to take turns, almost dropping the speed.Among the shortcomings can be identified as increased stiffness (which, in principle, more likely to be the norm for cars in the hatchback).The line "Nissan Almera hatchback" (photos of models you see in the article) has been updated for more than 10 years ago.


interior of the "Almeria hatchback", as has been said, unassuming, so the first thing you notice - an obvious lack of space on the back seat.Themselves comfortable chairs.There are a variety of hooks, pockets, shelves, in a word, all those useful things that are needed in the car.As for equipment, the base version of the regulation requires a driver's seat height and built-in car - in fact, the car empty.The package "Sports" includes fog lamps, alloy wheels (15-inch) and central locking.More demanding car owner can purchase a modification of "Nissan Almera hatchback" at the very top of the range with a satellite navigation system, leather steering wheel, CD-changer, fog lights and other amenities.But the trunk model to classify merits difficult, because it is impractical and malovmestitelen, even compared to other cars in its class.


The test results EuroNCAP, "Nissan Almera hatchback" has received 4 stars, which in itself inspires confidence in the car.For the safety of the passengers meet robust design of the car, brakes, door locking system and in the wider trim, in addition to the above, and central locking.However, the reliability of Japanese cars - it is rather commonplace than a pleasant surprise.

Now that for the cost of the car "Nissan Almera hatchback."The price of it, depending on the chosen configuration, can begin from 10 thousand USD.Not a bad option for the purchase of a used car.Especially when you take into account the combination of quite democratic prices and the fact that 6-7 years with proper care for the Japanese car - absolutely no time.Apart from the already mentioned cost advantages to the model include high-quality accessories and reliability of cars in general.If we talk about the negative aspects, that comes to mind only somewhat outdated design and the previously mentioned lack of space for rear-seat passengers.Thus, the car fit for the average city dweller and addressing its daily needs.