10 rules of harmony that work flawlessly

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These simple rules are working not only for those women who unsuccessfully trying to find effective ways to become leaner.Suffice it to observe them, and you will feel much better!Why is that?By following these guidelines, you will speed up your metabolism from this and burns fat, and the blood circulates better and the mood improves.

1. Do not forget to have breakfast .Turn your metabolism early with the help of morning meal.

2. muscle groups for a walk. order to burn three extra calories per minute, take two polukilogrammovye dumbbell biceps and swing while walking.If the process seems to be acceptable with a dumbbell in your park, you simply move more and do not chew on anything while walking.

3. Get a dog. It's cheaper than hiring a personal trainer.When your friend wants to walk with him will not argue.The active 15-minute walk burns 60 calories, so walk the dog active and do not stand on a pillar near gazonchik.For example, start to run.Both you and the dog walks only on the active win!

4. Eat more often. If you eat often, but little by little, it does not contribute to the completeness, as two or three heavy meals, provided that you carefully observe the total daily calorie intake.In addition, it will help you to maintain a constant level of energy throughout the day.

5. Reduce consumption of fats.Recycling fat, your body burns fewer calories than the processing of proteins and carbohydrates.

6. gossip standing. If you are chatting on the phone standing, you spend several additional calories per minute.

7. Come out of the desktop. Look for ways to spur your metabolism during the working day?Then go to the toilet to the floor.Take a walk at lunch instead of eating in the office.Come to the table colleagues instead of making phone calls.

8. Dance. Movement to any music that makes you dance, burned almost the same amount of calories as most physical exercises.

9. Tear all the recipes starvation. body reacts to threat of significant lack of calories by slowing metabolism to conserve fuel.In order to lose weight and still keep your metabolism at a constant level, a woman should avoid reducing calorie intake by an average below 1200-1600 kilocalories per day.

10. does not collapse in a chair and sit up straight. you can burn about five percent more calories if you read or watch TV sitting straight, not reclined.And if you have dawned five minutes of free time, press on the chair.

Success in weight loss!

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