What to do at work when nothing else to do "useful" time

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answer to the question of the title depends on the motivation of employees, the degree of his natural laziness and arrogance, which he can afford.The last criterion of the level of education and human intelligence.Oddly enough, but the question is: "What to do at work when nothing else to do?" - Asks so many salaried individuals.It is strange for several reasons.Firstly, it may indicate that a person is "out of place", and it is either not aware of their duties, or he was just not interested.Second, if the work has nothing to do, then that employee can be a slacker and his dismissal - a matter of time.Of course, it can also be factors beyond the control of personnel and actions arising from the management (for example, failure to work, no conditions, without which it is impossible to perform their professional duties, and so on).

Nothing to do at work: how to usefully spend time career

If you do not consider those who are frankly not interested in the work and only sit the allotted time, the useful lessons in such periods there will always be.It so happens that the question, "What should I do at work when nothing else to do?" - Appears unfounded.There is always something to do, you just have to conduct an audit of cases in which there are certainly unfinished tasks pushed to the "back burner."Experts on time management is so advised to fill in the resulting free "window".This is the most effective way to solve the problem: "What to do at work when nothing else to do?" When all the pending cases will be performed, or if at all there was (which happens very rarely), the same experts advise to use "simple" as a precious opportunity forenhance their qualifications (if you are aiming for a career).Read books on your specialization, study or repeat grammar of a foreign language, pick up necessary for personal development courses - do everything that will bring investment in your future.Does not prohibit the puzzle, strategy or solving problems, developing brain activity.

What to do at work, when you have nothing to do

There is one more advice on how to effectively spend free time: you can do the cleaning on your desktop.This is useful for interior and also tidies the thoughts in my head.Chances are that after this, you are encouraged to take up the case, the implementation of which delayed.

Any contact

can communicate with colleagues who, like you, are free from work.But do it too productive: not wash up bones beginners or superiors, and to communicate on professional topics, discuss the current project or a new plan, make the work of the enterprise efficiency suggestion.Naladte contact with those with whom you have a strained relationship, understand if there is, in conflicts, get new friendships among employees.Do not be afraid to approach superiors with sensible suggestions or talk about your prospects in the company.Adequate heads just glad this initiative and dialogue.The article deliberately did not give advice to sit in social networks, play games stultify, to smoke, to discuss the colleagues, make-up or indulge in romance - these things do not do any good.