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«How can I build my life?".Sooner or later the question arises before any of us.We discovered many ways: medicine, business, the arts, education, computer science, engineering, manufacturing.Perhaps some of us think this way: "For me it is .. uspeh- opportunity to live as comfortably as I'm used to from childhood."Or maybe someone just wants to be an independent person.Whatever it was, you need to clearly understand that the choice of future profession is of great importance because of it ultimately depends on our follow-up work, that is, a way of life we ​​choose.When
Personally I thought about the question posed above, I understand that preparing a plan to "build" his life has no idea.In our time, not so easy to choose a profession, I think many young people agree with me.This happens not only because we (teens) do not have much life experience, do not know what we can expect.Not only because of the fact that this is one of our first major decisions on the way to adulthood ... but also because involuntarily thought of employment, and more precisely whether the opportunity to work in their chosen specialty.After all, work is important to us for many reasons.It not only generates income but also contributes to our psychological well-being.Work satisfies the desire to be a useful member of society and to have a purpose in life.Furthermore, from it to some extent dependent self.Therefore, someone who is more than enough money to meet their needs or who are eligible to retire, still prefers to work.The conclusion: the work is so important that its absence is usually entail serious social problems.In view of all this, I also difficult to make a firm decision regarding their future profession.Nevertheless, there are some which "achievements."For example, in the 4th grade, I had the idea that at the end of 11th grade to receive a trade lawyer and lawyer specializing in civil law.Yes, it is possible to tell, it was my dream!Many people have asked me the question: "Why is that?".Prost- answer was, "I want to help people, providing them with legal, though, but help!It's also very important .. ".From early childhood we instill unshakable truth that help lyudyam- a necessity, it could not be.Maybe that's why my choice fell on the law, as one of the possibilities to follow this principle of behavior.It is also, I am sure that this profession is one of the most interesting, which is not important enough.In the process, there will always be involved mind, intelligence as logical thinking, without which it simply can not do any lawyer, not so simply produced, and hence require continuous efforts associated just with the mental work of the brain.Agree, will simply have no time to get bored!

What conclusion can be drawn as to what is written above?I think it would be better to finish this way: every person, regardless of gender, origin and social status has a remarkable ability to choose vozmozhnost-.Each of us has the right to choose what kind of person he is, he prioritize his life and what it will devote afterwards.And we should be grateful to Him who has given us such an opportunity, or a right-our Creator.After all, more than any living creature, that we can contemplate, he has not given it.This should inspire awe.It therefore is a very serious approach to voprosu- "How can I build my life?".Never forget that not everything in our lives is measured by the number of higher education or living wage, while at the same time, this does not mean that it is not necessary.Still, most importantly, what kind of people are the holders of all of this.Yes, it is really important ...