We carry out repairs VAZ-2110 cylinder head with his hands.

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The most common cylinder head repair car owners were forced to perform.If the adjustment of valves or valve stem caps replacement can be performed without removal of the motor assembly for the lapping guides replacement, removal of soot, etc.it will have to be dismantled.

start an operation such as cylinder head repair of VAZ-2110, after his removal should be a purification of the combustion chambers.You can use various automotive cleaners and rags.For such purposes is also suitable conventional solvent, which is sold in DIY stores.But in any case, you can not use mechanical cleaning methods that may damage the surface and leave scratches.

After the combustion chamber cleared, you must carefully examine it for the presence of cracks, traces of burnout.If such defects are present, it is recommended to replace the head.But in some cases you can try to save the cylinder head - use argon welding.In many situations, it helps.

next step - a check adjacent to the plane of the cylinder surface.For this operation will need a ruler.It should be installed along the edge of the surface and along the diagonals.For each measure the applying of the gap between the line and the plane of the head.If its value is greater than 0.1 mm, the cylinder head needs to be replaced.

Seen from the state should also check the cylinder head bearing surfaces under the neck of the shaft to the head and bearing housings.If traces of wear, deep risks and bully, then the entire assembly must be replaced.At the visual inspection of the head over.

Then he begins immediately repair the cylinder head.And more specifically, the process of restoring the initial state.To begin this process will need to wash oil channels.You will need regular gasoline, which fueled vehicle.You must first silence the vertical channel located between the 3 and 4-cylinder.Then pour gasoline in each channel.After that, leave it there for twenty minutes.During this time, all the dirt inside otmoknet.When the time necessary to drain flooded with fuel, remove the cover and finally wash with gasoline and pear channels.

The next step should be to check the valve for leaks.To do this, they must be filled with kerosene.If several minutes does not become flooded with liquid leak, they are sealed.Otherwise they must be replaced or grind.

further repair is removing the cylinder head valve, removing valve stem seals and lower plates of springs.After this procedure, all these elements must be cleaned of soot.If the valves are deep risks, scratches, cracks, deformation and signs of burnout, it should be replaced.It is also important to check the status of their seats and pushers.They must be free of corrosion, wear and tear.You should also evaluate the condition of the valve springs and their elasticity.Broken, cracked and twisted should be replaced.

This independent repair cylinder head over.Collect the head should be in reverse order.