Interior Tuning "penny" - everything is possible!

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on the territory of the former USSR legendary VAZ 2101 (popularly nicknamed "penny") still travels on the roads, despite his 40 years of age."Penny" can rightly be considered a national car - it has a simple design without unnecessary electronics, and it can be repaired right on the highway.Its low cost, maintainability and distinctive body structure conducive to various improvements and alterations.Moreover, opportunities for tuning here is more than enough.Just take a look at the interior of the car, and everything will become clear.Agree, pretty grim interior.

What is a "penny"?The car tuning which may make it the most modern passenger car in its class.Due to the absence of extra "bells and whistles" to the automobile owners opened a real testing ground.You can experiment, but if something goes wrong, it is easy to eliminate unwanted results.By the way, many motorists say tuning "penny" is very simple and cheap process.Even if we compare the 2101 model with the same "Muscovites" and "Volga", it will still be cheaper to tuning.And completion of a national car does not end with a change in its appearance by changing the bumpers, headlamps and aero - craftsmen go ahead and begin the hard work of the salon.How does this happen?Who know.


making internal tuning "penny", be sure to replace the lining.Fabric and at the same time changing cards on the door and the seat.Incidentally, the last element can be replaced by racing.If you want to restore the original appearance, which originally had a VAZ "penny", tuning will be the restoration of the former properties of the passenger compartment.And that is another way implies a reupholstering.Incidentally, to sheathe the inside of the machine may be many different materials.Salon "penny" is very versatile, so you can use for any fabric: the velvet, and even the skin.True, the latter option can cost you an amount equal to the total cost of the entire machine.But the skin does not last for one year and will always be flexible.As for color, it is better not to hurry here.To start, make a careful drawing of the cabin by a computer program and pick up for him a certain color of skin, changing it as long as the material will not be successfully combined with the overall picture.

VAZ "Kopeika" - tuning for youth

If you do not want to restore the old characteristics of the machine, and want to promote it forward to the present, this process is not without installation quality acoustics.Also tuning "penny" can be supplemented with the installation of illumination for the glove compartment.Optionally, you can stick the LEDs on the doorsteps, at night to see all that comes the leg.

In conclusion, I want to say that tuning "penny" - is not only an opportunity to express their imagination in practice.After experimenting with the old model of VAZ 2101 you will no longer be afraid to work with the more expensive cars and do not become unnecessary actions that are repeated with "Zhigulёnkom."