What to do when the engine stalls at idle?

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sudden engine shutdown at idle - a phenomenon quite often on our roads.And it happens not only on the machines of domestic production, but also on foreign cars.And if the reason for the Russian VAZ around were of poor quality and unreliable assembly design, then what to talk about the "Mercedes" and "Ford", because their owners are also sometimes faced with this problem.It turns out that this trouble (when the car stalls at idle) no one is immune, and the signal "check engine" may appear on the dashboard at any moment.Today's article will be of interest not only to the drivers of domestic transport, but also the owners of foreign cars, because now we will talk about how to resolve these failures.

What if the engine stalls at idle?

The easiest way to solve this problem - it is an appeal to the service station.In this case, you do not have to spend their time figuring out the causes and troubleshooting.If you decide to contact the experts choose only one service that has a positive reputation and there is not one day.Do not refer to unknown centers, especially if they are in the private garage of the company and tablets without any additional tools.Solid auto-focus quickly eliminate possible problems related to the fact that the engine stops idling.Typically, the wizard makes the complete replacement of the equipment or simply restore the old characteristics, ie repair.

If you do not want to seek professional help and want to save their money, do everything by yourself (but only when confident in their abilities).More often in cases where the engine stops idling motorists purge throttle.They also checked the position sensor idle for failures.If after these works the engine stalls at idle as before, will have to go for more radical measures - to change all the equipment that can "act up", including the damper.

What should change?

If your engine stalls at idle and throttle cleaning does not help, you need to look at another problem.The most common cause of such failures is faulty carburetor or (in the case of new cars) - injector.Also worth checking out all the electronic sensors of the electronic engine control unit.

What should be done to ensure that this problem does not arise?

If your engine has not yet gloh idling, it's time to take measures for its prevention.Only then you can forget about this problem forever.To do this you need to carefully look after the car and the time of her diagnosis.In case of damage, do not neglect to clean and timely replacement or repair equipment electronic control engine.