How is the development of entrepreneurship in Russia

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development of business in Russia back to the period of 1864 - 1917 when, regardless of the ruling authorities and their decrees revealed a growing number of factories and factories, employing millions of people.It was during this period there was an outflow of villagers from the countryside to the city.In this period there is a quantitative rather than qualitative development.It increases the number of enterprises which in their work use outdated, inefficient methods, but due to continuous form of work, they still had a considerable profit.

the mid-20th century, it became obvious that the development of entrepreneurship in Russia, while still the USSR, is completely at the mercy of the state.In contrast to England, the Soviet and then the Russian government tried to take the reins of the small and medium enterprises in their hands.Such excessive control has led to the organization of large companies - monopolists who are not given the chance to life a small private firms.With the shift in the late 20th century to the system of market economy development of entrepreneurship in Russia has received formal freedom.Since then, the state has ceased to intervene in the conduct of private business, what the situation is not much easier.In order to develop business in Russia occurred as efficiently as it was necessary to create the conditions in which there would be a healthy competition, no excessive taxes, the legal framework has been formed.

It is worth noting that, unlike big business development of individual business in Russia has a long history.Its beginnings can be attributed to the advent of merchants.In fact, they were the first and sole proprietors.They became famous all over the world, making such cities as Novgorod, Pskov, Kiev and others. Centers of trade and crafts.Active economic activity led to the merchants that the city of its wealth could compete with the capital.

abolition of serfdom was the beginning of private entrepreneurship in the sphere of agriculture, when farmers began selling products at trade fairs of their own production.By the early 20th century, private entrepreneurs have received a bonus in the form of fixing prices for food and assistance from the state.In fact, while private trade controlled the retail and wholesale sales were subject to the state apparatus.NEP was a harbinger of communist times, when the development of business in Russia stood for several decades.Interestingly, the communist regime not only drove the formation of the economy, but also instilled in people's minds the idea that organize the business and to live better than others - and it is a shame not Soviet.It pushed Russia in terms of economic development relative to Europe or America a few decades ago, and this, in the early 90-ies were allowed various forms of joint business, people just was not ready for that either morally or financially.

realization that stand out among the rest and to live better at the expense of private enterprise is not ashamed to come to the Russians was quite recently.Today, the desire to work for yourself, build your business appears in many people, but not the Maturity Institute of Small and Medium Enterprises ruining positive initiatives directly on the vine.Attempts to cultivate the seeds of the western experience on Russian soil often fails, because Russia is too distinctive and it features not only be taken into account, and build on them to create a specific program of action.