Cantaloupe pig - a baker.

other musky pigs called peccaries.Initially, they belong to the family pig.However, musk pig has little in common with ordinary pig.Now these pigs is referred to the family pekarievyh - non-ruminant cloven-hoofed mammals.

Cantaloupe pig - whence the name

iron with muskusopodobnym secret located on the back of the animal (in the back half of it).Animals raised with stubble on the gland, with the power of smelling erupt creepy secret marking territory habitat.Because of this terrible smell of musk pig name and received.


Bakers have significant distinguishing features that distinguish them from ordinary pigs.According to its characteristics musk hog - a non-ruminant hoofed.In her stomach three divisions.Front formed 2 kolbasovidnymi blind bags.

hind legs are equipped with three fingers instead of four.The direction of the upper triangular potent, very long (in contact with the bottom) canines such as predators - downwards.Jaws filled with thirty-eight teeth.Any smaller musk hog hogs true.The weight of the animals ranges from 16 to 30 kg, the maximum height of 57 cm, and the length does not exceed 100 cm.

external appearance of individuals resemble ordinary pigs.They have a large wedge-shaped head, short neck, tiny eyes, slightly rounded ears.Their body is covered with a thick beard.It extended to the neck, head and back, creates a beautiful mane.The animal has a short tail, hiding in the bristles, standing on thin short legs.


cautious animal - the pig musk perfectly hears so little enters the field of view of the person.Rather, you can hear the characteristic clicking of teeth and stomping fleeing individuals than themselves.

feed on pig herbaceous plants, fruits, roots and bulbs.Animals they are interested in a relatively small, although they may snack on insects, lizards, small animals and even carrion.In dry periods prefer to eat the succulent plants, such as agave and prickly pears.


area of ​​distribution captures the American Southwest and deep into Central Argentina.For musky pigs suitable habitat and dry steppes and rainforests.Animals, huddling in herds, feed actively at night and during the day settle in maturation.

threat Natural habitat for jaguars and peccaries are cougars.For youngsters dare to attack bobcats and coyotes.Mother, driven by instinct, vigorously defend their young.Attacking predators, they cause them bites by refraining, unlike pig tusks from shock.Furious and frightened animals characteristic smacked his fangs.


In the place where the herd is left droppings, forming a plurality of mounds of excrement.Females are ready to mate at 8-8.5, and males at 11-11.5 months.Any specified period of mating bakers there.However, the young tend to appear in the July - August, after the rainy season and the rapid growth of the greenery.

gestation period varies between 142-149 days.Species, sensing the approach of childbirth removed from the herd in a secluded place.Often births happen in a hole.The pig manure is usually 2, and 3 or 4 pigs - a rare phenomenon.Most of the musk brings gay pig piglets (heterosexual young at birth account for only 20%).

next day the kids with her mother to join the flock, they fed milk in a standing position (even a couple of differences from these hogs).Milk in females is surging back to only two pairs of nipples.Adults feed pigs to feed, before the age of 6-8 weeks.

Types musky pigs

Pekarievye presented twenty two subfamilies and genera.There are four kinds of modern musk pig - a bearded, Chaco, a giant and collared peccary.