How to install plastic windows.

In this article, we will gradually see how to install Windows made of metal.

For this, you need these tools: drill (electric), mounting the gun, screwdriver, level (construction and hydraulic), wide chisel, water spray, a hammer (rubber).

Step one is to prepare for the installation of windows as windows, as a rule, are already assembled.You will need to remove and dismantle the windows.How to do it.To begin, remove beadings, the first long beadings removed, and then short, and vice versa during assembly.Then you need to remove the glazed sash.If this design has a transom, then it is better to remove all the transom assembly.After you will make dismantling, you just need to frame.

second stage.In order to place the unit in the window frame you have to mark up and then drill the holes around the perimeter of the frame.The number of openings will depend on the size of your window, but remember that the extreme corners of the holes must be at a minimum distance of 15 cm.

third stage.This installation frame directly into the window unit.For mounting frames can be used anchor plates or screws construction.Running the horizontal position of the frame by moving the building wedges relative to one another, that is the regulation of their height.A horizon can be checked with the help of the level.If all billed exactly, then you can begin to consolidate the frame with screws, using a screwdriver.

fourth stage.Installing double-glazed windows.Do the same thing that you did when dismantled glazing, but in reverse order.Shtapiki best score with a rubber mallet.Now your PVC windows are installed.

fifth stage.Foaming.This is a fairly easy process, but as zapenivat indicated on the can with foam.For better foaming soak the place where you will apply the foam with water, before and after the foaming process.

sixth stage.Installing drain.Draining must necessarily be installed.It can be homemade and store-bought.Note that the drain shall be attached to the bottom (Podstavochny) profile on the screws, and overhanging, ie the protruding part of the frame should protect the connection from moisture from above.After installation, drain the space between the bottom profile and drain must be zapenit.

seventh stage.This removal of the protective film and the finish trim inside and slopes.

Well, that's all the windows installation process is finished.Now you know how to install plastic windows independently, without the help of professionals in this field.