"Renault Fluence": technical specifications and a review of the model 2013

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During the Auto Show in Istanbul, Turkey, the debut of the updated car "Renault Fluence."Technical characteristics of the model (with the interior and exterior), compared with the previous version have been significantly changed.

standard color solutions for new products became dazzling white and bright red.At the same time for a certain fee (around 10 000 in the domestic equivalent) buyer can choose for themselves almost any other color.On "Renault Fluence", which is located below the photo, depending on the equipment installed on the wheels of a radius of 15 to 18 inches.

In front of the new items in the eye first catches a large chrome logo of the manufacturer, which effectively looks at the background of an updated grille.In general, the exterior of cars has become more charismatic and highly motivated.Body "Renault Fluence", technical specifications which are described below, is characterized by smooth soft lines and large door openings with high sills.

Salon updated modification of the machine has also undergone some changes.Interior finishing is used more soft and pleasant to the touch plastic.The upholstery seat occupant applied material with dense structure.The dashboard of the car has become digital.In addition, the new product also appeared electric parking brake, which is activated automatically.New "Renault Fluence" in the maximum configuration can boast the presence of color touch-screen monitors.They are designed to support navigation equipment and control multimedia devices.Usable volume of the luggage compartment is 530 liters.In the back row of seats is quite comfortable can accommodate three adults.

Specific words deserve in the updated "Renault Fluence 'specifications.In the role of a standard power plant here is a gasoline engine 1.6-liter.Its capacity is 115 horsepower.Regarding transmission, the variator novelty uses an advanced X-Tronic CVT.This combination led to very modest fuel consumption of 6.4 liters in the combined cycle.We should not forget that the car weighs more than 1.2 tons.It can even be equipped with a 106-strong unit, working in tandem with a gun on the four stages, and the 138-horsepower two-liter engine with CVT CVT.

also envisaged and diesel engines for the new "Renault Fluence."Technical characteristics allow it to develop 130 "horses" and consume a little more than 4.5 liters of fuel per "hundred".This engine, unfortunately, will not be available for the Russians.The car boasts a comfortable chassis and suspension that deliver a smooth ride even in rough pavement.

As for the cost of new items, its price will be not much different from the current version.The cost of the machine in the base (almost without anything) starts with a mark of 600 thousand rubles, while the maximum for version car will have to pay about 860 thousand rubles.