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People say: "The month of September in the way a hen gathers."And it is not for nothing that they say!Before the cold come in many regions of Russia, some species of birds are leaving them.In this article we will talk about what the birds fly away in autumn to warmer climes, and why, in fact, they do.

Golden Autumn.Who and where to fly?

Watch migratory birds in the autumn of the year is quite interesting.In the winter in warmer climes typically migrate cranes, ducks, blackbirds, swallows.And among them there is a kind of sequence.For example, the first martins leave their homes, the latest - duck.

Already in September to their flocks begin to assemble cranes.So they are preparing for the long journey.These beauties are forgiven us until the spring for its beautiful guttural cry that resounds so far in this pure autumn air, that simply amazed!

In early October, go on a long journey geese.Of them, the people have a saying: "Geese on its tail dragging Zimushka-winter, and on the nose - the snow-snow".

Swallows fly away for the winter is on the Mediterranean coast.The most desperate of them all fly directly to Africa!

What do you think, what the birds fly away in autumn to warmer climes alone?That's right!This hawks, kingfishers, hawks, falcons, and cuckoo.However, the majority of migratory birds still leave their homes in packs.For example, all the ducks lined up in a series of oblique and geese and cranes flying wedge.

What will fall?

From what autumn bird fly away to warmer climes, it is possible to predict what it is, strictly speaking, be it!Consider this example will accept all of the same crane.

  • If you see an unhurried and measured cranes flying, autumn promises to be warm.
  • quick and hasty departure - to an early and very cold autumn!

Why do birds fly south in autumn?

It would seem that the answer is as simple as ever.But there it was, my friends!Birds leave their homes, not only due to the impending cold weather!After all, if this were so, then why do people remain close to winter sparrows and pigeons and crows so tits?Is their plumage is more dense than the handsome cranes?Of course not!It's not cold, and food!

Evolution decreed that sparrows and pigeons have adapted to find their own food in garbage cans, garbage dumps and landfills on.This "winter" birds are not afraid of any winter or fall!Birds fly (photo 1), which feed only on fish, insects and their larvae.After staying for the winter in the past for their edges like death.Until the spring there will be no insects and fish (water because ice covered).That accounts for the poor migratory birds traveling from one end of the globe to another, thousands of kilometers away!

onward journey

So now we are friends, we know what the birds fly away in autumn to warmer climes, and, most importantly, what makes them do it!In addition, a long flight, they spend the same amount of force as a man on a long journey.Many of us are tired after a few kilometers, and all the birds have to travel a distance of two thousand kilometers without any stop!It's a real heroic deed!