Affordable luxury stone Larimar

Larimar stone, which is located below the photo, a unique semi-precious mineral that is mined in the Dominican Republic.This country is located on the island of Haiti, located in the Caribbean Sea.From the viewpoint of geology, larimar refers to a form of calcium silicate known as pectolite.It should be noted that this mineral is different from the others with its unusual color.Scientists have proved that the stone Larimar is the result of volcanic activity, so it can be found in other states.At the same time pectolite with blue color comes exclusively from the Dominican Republic.

first official historical mention of this stone dates back to 1916, when a number of instances it turned out one of the Spanish priest Miguel Domingo Lorena.It is possible that before they used the local Indians.After weighing the possibility of a solid earning potential, the priest turned to the local authorities in order to obtain a permit for the extraction of this species pectolite.Now there is no accurate information as to whether the request is satisfied, however Larimar stone for more than twenty years after that was not mentioned in any sources.

in 1974 started active promotion of blue pectolite to world markets.It all started with the fact that some of his designs were discovered known at the time a jeweler, a member of the Peace Corps, Miguel Mundesom on one of the coastal province of Barahona.With the same person is connected and the name of the mineral.It is believed that the stone Larimar was named after his daughter Larissa, because the word "March" is translated from Spanish means "sea".However, there is another, informal, its name - Delphi stone.

convinced residents of the Dominican Republic, on the banks of blue stones appeared through the surf.In fact, it was not quite like that.The fact that they are carried Bahoruco river.Once it has been proven, in its upper part began to mine the stone Larimar.As of today, about ten kilometers south-west of the town of Barahona is located about two thousand pits deposits, called Los Chupaderos.It should be noted that it is the only source of the blue planet pectolite.They are mined by hand, without the use of any specialized equipment.At the same time upon the occurrence of rainy season, the water fills the pits, so the performance of work becomes life-threatening because of the threat of landslides.An interesting nuance is that the island of Haiti can also be found pectolite white and green color.

Despite its unusual and unique, Larimar - stone, the price is not too high.For example, a ring, which has a paste out of it, can cost the buyer a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars.At the same time, all those who have in their decoration with mineral should hurry, because its reserves will be exhausted soon.