Bird tap dance: it looks like and what harakternizuetsya

Do you know many birds with the original name?I think not.For example, poultry tap dance.How many people have seen it, or at least imagine the appearance of the feathered?We will try to tell you more about her.

tap dancing - a small bird whose size is only slightly larger than Czy┼╝yny.But because of its long tail, it seems much larger.But if you see this wonderful creation, it is unlikely that will measure its dimensions, as in the eye threw all the splendor of appearance.Its original name Redpoll bird was due to her amazing voice, which is very similar to the clicking of heels at the dance of the same name.

Its color prevail bright and subtle tones.If it is a male, his crown crowned bright carmine-red spot, the entire neck and back - almost whitish, covered with blurred "notches" in light gray.

Bird tap dance is the owner nadhvostya wonderful pink color.But "the crown of the program" is a goiter and abdomen, painted in gorgeous purple-pink color.

Unfortunately, the females are not as beautiful.However, it is common among songbirds.You can describe it in a few words coloring: body light gray bird, covered with small strips of crimson or red.No wonder it is called "fiery thorn."

Bird Lives tap dance in the middle lane of North America and Eurasia.To the south they fly only when pastures in a particularly cold winter.So, in the Altai Territory them justly called "messenger of winter," as tap dancing out there playing the role of our bullfinches.

The most common of these birds can be found on the glades, meadows and woods in the winter forest.In areas with forest-steppes on a square kilometer can be found up to a hundred individuals.

breeding process starts when everywhere else is a continuous snow cover.Unlike many songbirds, this kind of very "is social": nest several pairs may be on the same bush.Moreover, the nesting place of the amazing views at times shared with snowbird.

in tundra shrubs and trees there, and because nests are located among the bushes cranberries and other berries of the North.The very different container for eggs thoroughly.Birds for its construction using a plurality of thin twigs, mosses and herbs, as well as its own feathers and down.It Redpoll bird (which has a photo in the article) puts no more than five small eggs brown.Only the female incubates them, and males have duties to ensure its power.

chicks hatch in just a couple of weeks.The same bezvylazno they sit in the nest.If the weather is too cold, the female remains with them, and the male is given the responsibility to feed a whole family.

Some couples, after feeding the first brood sit down for a second nesting, often make it next to the old place.Sometimes, in the difficult task of feeding new chicks makes the previous litter.

But the most remarkable feature is its striking fearlessness of these birds to their nest, you can actually come close, and if you see him a few days, then tap dancing sometimes allow themselves to pat.No wonder they have become incredibly popular pets in tsarist times.

word, tap dance - a bird not only beautiful, but also extremely unusual in his behavior.