Cut «A C A B».

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against citizens and law enforcement have never been smooth and calm.His dissatisfaction with the police identify people in different ways.One - just say a strong word against the other men in uniform, the other - you need to write something offensive on the fence or wall, others prefer to make a tattoo on his body, which displays their worldview, or putting things in eloquent images.

«A C A B» - what is it?

This abbreviation is widely distributed in British prisons.In addition, there is evidence that such a slogan used during the British miners strike.In the seventies, it popularized the group The 4-Skins, writing a song of the same name.Today «ACAB», whose value is not all clear, widely used by football fans, skinheads, street gangs and ordinary thugs.Do not remain aloof from this call anarchists, punks, rappers.

Deciphering «ACAB» is very simple.The inscription refers to the initial letters of the words from the phrase: «All Cops Are Bastards», which can be translated as "ACAB - All Cops Are Bastards."Today, it has nearly world famous.In Russia, even there is an analog ("cops - goats"), which is also often found in the form of graffiti.Interestingly, the English-language abbreviation in our country is living a lot longer: his years did not erase utilities.The Russian-speaking same inscription disappears in a week or two.Maybe the reason is banal ignorance of the meaning of the word, and perhaps loyalty to a foreign language.

Alternative reading

Every year the English language and Western culture are becoming increasingly popular in our country.Few people have not heard of «ACAB», that is, knows even a schoolboy.All the more so strenuously advocated the phrase.We already mentioned the song with the same name and content, but also in Russia, you can buy clothes with the inscription, in 2012, rolling out the film Stefano Soliman, after watching that no questions remain, and so on.

modern entrepreneur even go to the tricks, inventing alternative deciphering abbreviations.You never know in which situations you can get in the future?So they asked: «" ACAB "- what is it?" - Argue that it means the following:

  • «All Cops Are Beautiful» - all the police nice;
  • «Always Carry A Bible», that is "always carry a Bible."

Perhaps, very soon there will be other options for reading this reduction.Today, this has become an acronym in the acronym is pronounced not by the letter, and together.There is also the plural - 'Aqaba. "

drawings on the body

So, reducing the value of "Aqaba" is very clear.It can be said, speaking about «ACAB», that is the most common prison tattooed.They apply it as a rule, on the fingers of the hand (one letter for each phalanx).Today, such a pattern can decorate any part of the body: hands, back, buttocks, head and chest.Make it as a man, and the fair sex.And not necessarily sit in places not so remote, the main thing - to be ready to go on the bench for their beliefs or for the benefit of his gang.The letters are written beautiful letters, complemented by decorative elements, different pictures.After all, with such a "decoration" a person would have to spend the rest of his life.