Ushinsky: biography of the great teacher

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Konstantin Ushinsky was born in the city of Tula.Hailing from the nobility, but eleven years of schooling took place at home.Then he was enrolled in the third grade of high school.The one thousand eight hundred fortieth year submit documents for admission to the legal department of Moscow University.Thus began an unusual and interesting life of a teacher.Ushinsky, biography which will be discussed in more detail devoted his destiny teaching, considering it the most important thing of all.

mature years.Yaroslavl

Six years after studying at the university offering the position
Ushinsky professor of economics and finance at the Yaroslavl Demidov Lyceum.His entertaining lectures he deserved full trust and admiration, even from the majority of students.For some time in his teaching activities, he gave the promotion of natural and historical knowledge, using for this purpose the editorship of the local newspaper, they occupied a few months in the eighth eighteen hundred and forty year.But the question of pedagogical activity and as editor was not limited Ushinsky, because his biography is full of different events.Catching teaching, Ushinsky could bring to perfection resulting in learning experience and knowledge.Thanks to what could improve many teaching methods used previously.But this ends Yaroslavl period in the life of Constantine Ushinskogo, whose biography is enriched with hostility and misunderstanding on the part of the authorities and the love of the common people.He was soon suspected of sympathizing with the revolutionary views and dismissed from his job.


Ushinsky moved to St. Petersburg.And it is in this city a new period,
when Ushinsky, biography which is full of new experiences and impressions, will be forced to leave their homeland due to the following events.In St. Petersburg, he was engaged in writing useful articles in the field of pedagogy and education for a variety of magazines, and has been teaching literature and geography in the Gatchina Orphan Institute.In addition, inspect the Smolny Institute.But the new place there were people who were dissatisfied with the progressive ideas of the teacher.He was again dismissed, forcing Konstantin Dmitrievich engage in literary and pedagogical activity, which he has devoted his last years of life.Immediately following the dismissal teacher decides to go abroad and goes on a long, lasted for more than five years, a trip to Europe.There he studied education, trying to learn from their devices that could be useful and applicable in such establishments in Russia.Thus, Ushinskii, whose biography was quite varied, was forced to transfer its experience books as he could not devote himself to his favorite occupation - pedagogy, due to the obstacles created by the authorities.The main difficulty in teaching activities Ushinskogo was a book on pedagogy - "Man as the subject of education, experience, educational anthropology," in which he tried to generalize and transfer the accumulated knowledge to future generations.This work is completed Ushinskogo life.


Ushinsky died twenty-second of December, one thousand eight hundred and seventieth year.So dies Ushinsky Constantine, whose biography is a long time will remain a role model of hundreds of teachers around the world.