Tribute - a tax that accompanies humanity

Tribute - this exaction, which are compensated in the form of cash equivalents or subsistence farming.This term emerged during the founding and development of Kievan Rus, when the society in our lands also suffered class stratification.In other civilizations (eg, Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, and so on. D.) A similar phenomenon has been the norm since time immemorial.

At the dawn of history

So, in ancient civilizations, which has long formed a political system and to define the top of society, each person must be easy to pay tribute.This tax, which was delivered to the State directly or through a link, which often is the owner.Usually, it is calculated in accordance with the amount of land owned by a person, the amount of crop that he collected, as well as on the basis of how many slaves subordinated to a particular master.In the period from the 3rd to the 1st millennium BC did not pay tribute to the state could only be soldiers who, in fact, were dependent on the government.

What could pay tax to the state

For years exaction reimbursed in the form of natural products.People gave what was grown on their land, and they took everything that they made from their materials.In China, the tax paid for the rice, and later began to develop weaving, and the move proved to be a high-quality silk.Also on these lands mined silver, which confiscated the workers and peasants of the ruling elite.Egypt and Mesopotamia - the country where the slave trade was developed more than anything.It is a living work there are very appreciated, so all members of slaves passed from one owner to another relentlessly.

financial burdens in Kievan Rus

Later, under one flag made all Old Slavic tribes, which included clearing drevlyans, Dregovichi, Duleby, vyatichi northerners and others who lived in the north and the coast of the Black Sea, the CaspianSeas.The country was called Kievan Rus, and led her Rurik dynasty.Representatives of this family all the people of the state had to pay tribute.These were the money referred to as dimes.The amount paid by the funds depended on the living conditions of farmers.Extortions are always accompanied Poljud.It was an event, when the prince went together with a team for collecting these taxes the most, going round all the settlements.

Capture and tax increase

later to collect tribute from the Russian began the Mongol Tatars, who in the 13th century Russia conquered.As a rule, taxes directly khans no one gave, they brought the princes, each of which was assigned to a separate city.Since all subsequent rulers of the empire of Genghis Khan differed anarchic spirit, barbarity and perpetrated the robberies were often cases of sales people.In this situation, it is man who acts as a tribute.

Throughout the period of history of mankind up to the present moment, ordinary people do not stop to pay the exaction state in which they live.Today, the tribute - a tax that is deducted from the wages of any employee of a public institution, as well as the funds that gives every entrepreneur in the state treasury.