A well-chosen method of teaching - is the key to successfully conducted a lesson

process of teaching in modern school - the phenomenon extraordinary, complex, composed of many elements, as a mechanism for the clock.From the well-coordinated work of each element depends on the final result of the teacher's work.To do this, in fact, he spends his occupation.Not the least role in the education system play teaching methods, the ways by student learns as he formed the necessary skills.

concept method

question of methodological terminology is quite controversial.During the emergence and development of pedagogy as a science it is interpreted in different ways.In particular, it was assumed that the method of training - is an activity student and the teacher, which is used in the classroom.For example, in the study of Russian language and literature used: a method of frontal survey, independent work, expressive reading.Verbal drawing, annotate reading and many other no less effective.Thus, it appears that the method of teaching - is the same as the ways of organizing school activities.

didactics each method is divided into three main components: the goal of learning the subject, methods of learning, interaction of subjects involved in the process.The first component explains why the student needs this or that subject, it is useful to him in the future, for which it is included in the school curriculum.For example, after the course of the Russian language from 1st to 9th grade and beyond, graduate, graduated from high school, school or high school, should be able to write correctly, a perfect command of speech, communication skills.From the walls of the educational institution he is obliged to make such knowledge, which can then help him navigate the various life and social situations and to realize their potential.From this point of view, the method of training - a bridge from theory to practice.

second component explains through that - a system of exercises and special assignments and so on.- This knowledge will become available to the student.

And the third - the kind of relationship established between the student and teacher.Will a teacher for your ward's main source of knowledge or in the latter will be able to form their ability to self-production and as a result: independence, critical thinking, creative approach.E. Essentially passive or active position of the student in relation to the educational process.On this basis, it can be argued that the method of teaching - this type and methods of joint work of pupils and teachers to successfully address the main objectives of didactics.In other words - it is the unity of theory and practice in teaching and educational work.

Educational Technology

clear that the lesson will be productive if his fill various forms and methods of work.Children need to constantly motivate, so they wanted to know and learn something new.It is primarily concerned with school junior and middle managers.What are the methods of teaching the Russian language in school can be used for the specified contingent?

First, of course, gaming.For younger pupils the game - one of the main means of learning about the world and human relations.Because it is quite natural that the lesson-journey, for example, to name the adjective suffixes will allow unfettered and in extraordinary circumstances to master the material, and the result will be much stronger than in the traditional form of "open books - read a rule - writing exercise."

is very productive, and the so-called differentiated approach.The use of teaching methods based on differentiation efficiently in every class, but especially where heterogeneous composition of students in the degree of preparedness.For example, students write stronger faster read confidently, learn the material quickly.A weaker not keep up with them.The teacher is in a dilemma: to focus on the first - the second will be to their own devices and will lag even more.Work only with the second - the first to suffer, t. To. Will be their potential untapped.

If, in preparation for the lesson, the teacher will begin to pick up the job, taking into account peculiarities of the whole contingent, all children will be busy feasible labor and Study will successfully move forward.For such cases, there are a variety of additional exercises, card schemes, creative tasks, and so on. D. Well recommend themselves and techniques of computer technology, a modular way, and many others.The main thing is that the teacher understands exactly why he needs this or that method, as it is advisable to use it and what results to expect.