Consciousness: The concept of functional mechanisms

was compared a lot of material about the actual results of research into the mechanisms of individual manifestations of the psyche that describes a mental phenomenon as consciousness.They are collected from the axioms of the system related to the subject area "System Neurophysiology."The basis of the principles for comparisons and generalizations are scientific methodology.

generalization of these materials for a long period of time spent on the collection and collation of data has led to the creation of a holistic concept of mechanisms of behavioral adaptability on the basis of awareness of the current most urgent activity of all simultaneously occurring chains of unconscious behavioral automatisms in principle focus of this attention gets theof the active images of perception-action (phase behavioral chain), which has the largest value of the product novelty (of the situation, the conditions in which the behavior occurs) on the importance of (personal response system based on the importance of the r

eception of homeostasis).This focus of attention characterizes the connection of current activity through the hippocampus to the frontal lobes.

Thus the importance of which has been previously associated with the way the previous act of awareness is motivating to perform subsequent phase of automatism, but the connection to the channel prediction ("forward drive" on the basis of previous experience and skills to evaluate situations), is questionedif these new conditions predicted undesirable effects or even no experience in the assessment of the situation and the need to be careful.

There are two possible scenarios.If the starting stimulus that determines the relevance of the next phase of the chain of action calls for the immediate continuing action, the focus of consciousness looped the way (for Ivanitsky) for further thinking and behavior continues in the tracking mode, the consciousness in order to assess the outcome of such reckless actions and lock it in the future ifIt is undesirable.If the start is delayed, or the incentive effect is not so important, then the image, again, and looped the chain execution is interrupted for understanding the situation and the development of creative options to conduct a more desirable outcome predictable.In the future, possible interruption of this judgment if there is even more relevant novelty-value.Different species can stack 1 to 7 (human) such pending interrupt.

Selection of materials, detailed coverage of the concept of consciousness functionality & gt; & gt;

proposed concept, being the basis of the level of adaptability inherent in all living beings, having the switching function of the hippocampus, describes the range of all known manifestations of the psyche.Some of mental phenomena are disclosed in the relevant articles kits System Neurophysiology.

important result is a clear understanding of individual behavioral adaptability, which can be implemented in the form of artificially AI (artificial intelligence