Red Wolf

wolf is a carnivorous mammals belonging to the family of dogs.This animal is widespread on the planet.In almost every climatic zone inhabited by species of these mammals.And the kinds of wolves just depends on where they live.

example, can be found in the Arctic Arctic wolf on the tundra - tundra, and in the plains - steppe.In addition to these species, the genus wolves should include coyotes, jackals, wolves Asian, Arabian, Oriental, groundnut (Mexico), Italian, Indian, Iraqi, Austro-Hungarian, Red, New Guinea Singing Dog and dog dingo.The last two species are feral dogs, with the dingo - a second feral dogs.The well-known domestic dog is a direct descendant of the wolf, so it is regarded as a subspecies.

most rare type of wolf, endangered - it is the red wolf, or a mountain.This mammal is extended to the territory of the Tien Shan and Altai to the Malay Archipelago, the tip of the Indian subcontinent and Indochina.Most of the area is located in Central and South Asia, mainly in its mountain fores

t area.

To more clearly imagine this beautiful, should make a detailed description of the red wolf.

It's quite a large predator with a body length of 76 to 110 cm and weighing 17 to 21 kg, with a long tail hanging from the 45 to 50 cm, to get it almost to the ground.Red Wolf has a great standing, slightly rounded top, ears, located high on the head.All of the animal combines the features of a fox, dog, jackal and wolf gray Russian.The muzzle is a little shorter and it acuminata, which brings it to the fox.

distinctive feature of this species is its unusual red color, which varies from individual animals, depending on what part of the area inhabited by the animal.The tip of the tail of the red wolf is black.

hunt these predators mainly afternoon flocks of 5 to 12 individuals, which includes representatives of several generations.Relations between members of the flock aggressive.It is also noted that males are actively involved in the education of offspring.Also of note is the fact that the red wolf, like many other types of wolves monogamous - they chose one girlfriend lives, he remains faithful to her.

these predators prefer to settle in the crevices of the mountains or in the holes of the rocks, avoiding the open plain areas.Although during the hunt a beast may appear in the steppes, in the forest, and even in the bare desert.But interestingly, the red wolf hunts only wild animals, never attacking the livestock!And meat it feeds only in the winter season, summer eating only plants.

also different way to the red wolf hunting on deer, antelope and deer on the way to all the other species.The majority of wolves catch prey, grabbing her by the throat.The same predator attacks the chosen victim from behind.Two or three wolves quite literally two minutes to kill a large deer weighing poltsentnera.

If necessary, a large flock can win a bull (gaura), tiger or leopard.Although in real life these predators will not fight just for war, but there are moments when, for example, a hungry tiger decides to take away wolves, like a small and weak animals, their honestly earned loot.Oh, there it will not give descent flock to anybody!

«Red Dogs" - so named Rudyard Kipling in his collection of short stories "The Second Jungle Book" red wolves.Cruel, dangerous for all animals living in the jungle, predators on the story tales are afraid of even the tiger Sher Khan and Hathi the elephant.The animated film, produced by the plot of the book of Kipling, is a terrible, brutal battle between a pack of red wolves and dugimi inhabitants of the jungle.