Ombre effect on the hair - a profitable game of shades

Ombre (French for "shadow") - is a kind of new fashion trend.This method can be found everywhere: in accessories, clothing, interior.Masters of hairdressing, too, decided not to lag behind and offered to create the effect Ombre on hair.

strip white, strip black

Ombre on hair - is painting in several colors, which are very smoothly and evenly stretched the length of the strands.After this procedure, your locks will look as if bleached by the sun.The main feature Ombre that have two contrasting colors literally "flow" into each other.Clear boundaries should be.To create the effect Ombre on hair usually do color transition from dark to light colors or vice versa.Although it may be more daring combinations (for example, from the burgundy color to the straw).

third is not superfluous

today as fashionable not to use two shades and three.The selected color is applied to the third or the center of the length of the hair, or a purely horizontal.The color of the third "member" of this process can be both more natural and quite different from all tone coloring.For example, the most daring ladies can opt for the golden color of the roots, which gently goes to red, and then to purple.Another unusual variant - discolored "up", which gradually turns into ash, and closer to the tip - in the pungent black.

your perfect color

To create the effect Ombre on hair, you need to go a few non-standard way.Feel free to experiment, preferring tone, which is very different from your natural color.If you stick to more conservative views, we can only dream to slug their way by the closest color to your natural hair color.

How to effect Ombre?

For this procedure you will need:

- paint 2 or 3 colors (choose the amount depending on the desired result);

- some mixing vessel (for each color);

- comb (with frequent teeth);

- gloves;

- foil.

need to start painting from the roots, gradually approaching the ends.In principle, you can do without foil, if gradually reach the line, where it will begin a new color.However, after staining with each strand must-wrap.About an hour later, you can remove the foil and look at the result.If the resulting tone you did not accept, we can again apply the paint.Thus you will achieve the lighten hair a few shades.

Most importantly - avoid the creation of clear boundaries.Lures and what hair color in such a way - quite the creative process.There can not be two identical stains Ombre.The effect on the hair (photo shows a very good example of the coloring) will always be very different.

This popular trend of long chosen many Hollywood stars, that is not surprising.Ombre effect on the hair makes the image more interesting and fresh.Do not be afraid to experiment and do not restrain their creative impulses.Ombre is suitable for almost all women, regardless of density and structure of the hair.