Haircut long hair.

Keep up with fashion is difficult.Yesterday, even at the peak of popularity it had long hair, today - ultrashort haircuts, and tomorrow, perhaps, everyone will get a haircut shaved.However, there is one hairstyle that does not lose relevance for many millennia.This hairstyle is called a square and is suitable for almost all women.

Long quads

version of this there are many hairstyles.Under the influence of fashion trends, it is complemented by new elements, but on the whole machinery hairstyle remained unchanged.Do you have long hair, and you want to change something?If your plans do not include much experimenting with their image, what is suitable hairstyle on long hair?Long bob - this is just what you need.This hairstyle is almost universal: makes almost perfect oval face and allows you to constantly change its appearance.You can wear a ring as a daytime variant or stab beautiful hair barrette for an evening out.

The more favorable such a haircut on long hair?Long bob with bangs can be that carefully emphasizes facial features and makes the image more impressive.To accomplish such a cut is necessary to take into account the direction of hair growth, and decrease of their natural structure.Bangs are usually allocated from the top to form a triangle.The advantages of such a hairstyle is the fact that it gives the opportunity to make several types of installation.Bangs can be pulled back or to the side that will constantly look for new ways.Elongated bob with long bangs adore such popular stars as Sandra Bullock, Ashley Simpson, Kate Moss, and others.

short bob

need more drastic haircut on long hair?Long bob - is, of course, the perfect hairstyle for every girl, but why not try something bold?For example, a short bob.This haircut is done in the same way as the normal penalty, only the hair are cut so as to expose the head.This model looks very advantageous if a small number of strands on each side and leave behind a little longer.At the top is a small amount to hair was lush.Very beautiful square with elongated strands in front.This hairstyle emphasizes facial contours and hides wide cheekbones.

very popular one kind of a hairstyle - a square on the leg.This haircut remotely resembles a mushroom cap, and therefore got its name.Rack of this type is not suitable for all women, stylists usually advise owners of his round, rectangular and oval face.Kara on the leg can hide many flaws appearance, for example, to visually lengthen the neck and give large facial features a bit soft.Particularly attractive looks such a hairdo on dark hair.

graded quads

This type can be of different lengths.But at the same time, the method is always the same hairstyle - haircut or grading steps.For such a simple haircut to look and easy to install.Long graduated bob (photo shows a graphic version of this spectacular haircuts) attractively framed face and helps to correct any of its form.

Hopefully, you have already decided what you need a haircut on long hair.A long bob, graded or long strands - all these hairstyles will help any girl to look refined and luxurious every day, regardless of the weather and time of year.