Henna Hair: reviews of treatment and painting

Generation 1970-1980 remember well the experiments with this natural dye.For objectivity's sake it must be admitted that they do not always end with success.
Henna for hair, reviews fashionistas say that time was a kind of surprise: one could never be sure of the final color.This product is now not lost its unpredictable quality.However, if you know how to be used henna for hair, opinions are unambiguous: no unpleasant surprises.

For starters, in our stores sold two types of henna - colored and colorless.The first is for hair dyeing, the second - for treatment.But in fact, and in another case, we buy a bag of dried and ground plant Lawson.To spray the leaves are used for healing - stems.

Indian henna for hair (by the way, the ability to transform your hair in such a way has come to us from this country) can stain your tresses in reddishness different shades.The result depends on factors such as staining time (the longer hold the tool on the head, the more intense will Kohler) and the original color of the hair.However, if you add water to dilute henna (this procedure should be carried out at the rate of 100 ml of warm water for 25 grams of the product) or that the ingredients, you can get a variety of colors.

golden honey hue will, if x and y are not diluted with water, and chamomile extract.To cook it you need two tablespoons of flowers insist in 100 ml of boiling water for two hours.The warm liquid to dilute a pack of henna (25 grams) and immediately put on his head.Metal utensils, as is the case with modern paints can not be used, the tool tends to oxidize rapidly, as a result can be obtained very unpredictable results.

Henna for hair, reviews confirm women can give, and bright red, burgundy color.For this it is necessary not to dilute the product with water, or red wine, or infusion of hibiscus or beet juice or cocoa.At the same time they need to pre-heat.But a dark chestnut color easily if dilute henna warmed yogurt.

separate story - the exposure time a tool such as henna hair.Reviews women permanently coloring the hair in this manner include a recommendation: it must remain on the head as much as you decide, constantly watching for changes in color.The hair at the same time need to "dress" in plastic wrap and a warm towel.

But henna hair color, as mentioned above - is not the only Person of the product.There are colorless and that in a short time can significantly improve our hair, giving it strength and shine.It should be used as well as color and - stirring in warm water and applied to the head 20-30 minutes, wrapped in a warm towel.If such a procedure carried out twice a week for a month, your hair will thank you brilliant, literally and figuratively, views.

This result may not always give expensive, advertised in the media care.A henna, which makes it very pleasant to use, is quite inexpensive.Some confuse it inconvenient application, still in the water, the powder does not dissolve completely.But it is easy to help by adding to the mix a few drops of any vegetable oil or honey.