The benefits of organic cosmetics: shampoos without sulfates and parabens

has long been known that the structure of the hair is composed of dead cells envelop the rod.Live as part of the hair root is located in bulb.That is why people really caring about the health of the hair, the main attention should be paid to the scalp.Even if the hair fall out a bit - this is normal, because the life cycle of a single hair - 3 years.However, if your hair become dry and brittle, there is reason to sound the alarm.The most common adverse effect on the hair has no pollution, stress, and poor-quality care.

in any specialty store or a supermarket, you can just simply get lost, choosing shampoos and conditioners for hair, but most famous and advertised brands are not as good as they say.The fact that most known brands use hazardous chemicals, which gradually destroys the hair.

reasonable way out of the situation can become shampoos without sulfates and parabens - a breakthrough in cosmetology.As is known, sulfates are surfactants, which can cause severe allergic reactions, so their use in cosmetics is potentially dangerous.Shampoos containing no sulfates, no harmful effects on the hair and irritate the scalp.Accumulating the hair, sulfate dried and destroy them, and even if you have started to use organic shampoo, rinse completely with hair sulfates impossible.

shampoo without sulfates and parabens contain natural ingredients that not only do not destroy the lipid protective layer of the scalp, but also strengthen it.That is why organic shampoos are suitable for almost all women, and do not cause allergies and skin irritations.

girls who used hair dye, is doubly dangerous to use low-grade shampoos as sulphates not only destroys the hair, but also because of its rough surface, "ruffles" cuticle of the hair, causing the paint is washed off several times fasterand the hair becomes dry and dull.

shampoos without sls parabens and contain particles with a smooth surface, so they practically do not harm the hair without destroying the structure and contribute to color fastness.In addition, after the use of organic shampoos, hair does not pushatsya, which eliminates a lot of extra work from women with hairstyle.

In contrast to the conventional means of hair care products, shampoos without sulfates and parabens can be safely used daily without negative consequences.They not only do not harm the hair and scalp, but also gradually restore hair structure, which gives them a healthy shine.The composition of such shampoos include various medicinal herbs, oils and vitamins as well as a preservative most commonly used citric acid.

most famous shampoos without sulfates and parabens produce the following brands:

  • Herb Blend
  • Yes to Carrots
  • Street Tonic
  • Organic Shop
  • Yes to Cucumbers

All these brands produce several lines of shampoos intendedcare various types of hair.Brand Yes to Carrots in addition also produces shampoos clean hair dyes that contain only natural dyes.It's worth noting, that organic shampoos can be stored for only six months, and in the refrigerator.Moreover, they are, to put it mildly, not so cheap, but once he felt their magical effect, you never will return to normal shampoo!