Tenderness Turgenev girl, or weaving braids "Waterfall"

gentle, romantic, with a gentle glance from beneath lowered lashes - a woman's image can be created using not only clothes, but also cunning tricks of hairdressing.Weave braids "waterfall" may be the first of them.

classical performance

beauty of this hairstyle is not just that it perfectly fits to the hair of almost any length, but also in the fact that a small masterpiece of hairdressing art you can create your own.

Weave braids "Waterfall" will require not a lot of accessories: comb and rubber bands to match the hair fixing.The very same process is as follows.

first step is to divide the hair into a smooth parting.His position at the head depends on the shape of an oval face.A classic is still a straight central option.Next you need to capture a larger strand at the base of the middle and start a simple weave three strands.Depending on the density of future braids should be performed two to four turns.Then the strand that was the bottom, left free to fall by grabbing at her place a new lock.Similarly, the subsequent steps of weaving.

It is worth remembering that the classical weaving braids "Waterfall" is carried horizontally - from one temple to another.Attach the resulting masterpiece of hairdressing pretty simple.For this strand of the opposite temple tightly woven into a braid and fix a solid gum, masking the latest hair.


Many options like daily and evening, it allows you to create a braid "Waterfall."The scheme makes it possible to weave not only change its position on the head, but the activation of additional strands.

example, the classical version you must weave braid actually straight - from temple to temple.This option is perfect for everyday image, especially when using curl ironing or curling locks flowing in curls.

But to turn a normal option in the evening hairstyle can only change direction and the number of interwoven braid.So, when you create a shape in the style of the Greek goddess will look great double and even triple weaving braids "Waterfall."But special chic hairstyle can make inclusion in a braid more - the fourth - strands.This option would not require much effort from the ladies.This weaving of "Waterfall" begins the same way as in the classic version.That should not only work in normal and in "upside-down" version, ie not have locks on top of each other and under.The initial phase involves the execution of two or three elements.Then in the "work" includes a fourth strand, which should grab the top.

an Affiliate strand is carried out at the top, give birth on average and again folded under the bottom.In order to get an accurate "ring" should be a major strand of the upper cast to the main lower, while spending her under average.After that entwine around the added strands and send up, and the fourth - to lower.Such steps must be repeated until the braid is finished.

Simple weaving braids "Waterfall", a photo of which was set forth above, it will help to create an attractive image of a gentle and romantic girl.