American Army.

What the army is the most famous in the world?Most likely, the US.Bases Yankees have around the world, on every continent, except Antarctica.In general, the American army in recent years has acquired such an incredible amount of rumors and speculation that isolate out something more or less becomes a real challenge.However, we will try.


When paired with the French Expeditionary Corps, American rebels defeated the British on the world map, a new state.This was the United States."New Americans" peculiar thanked the French when they were engaged in Europe (was 1803, after all), they are under threat of armed seizure, bought for pennies Louisiana.After 1812, Napoleon was no longer up to them, so that the trick worked.But when in 1814 the same focus they have decided to do with Canada, it ended badly: the British beat the inept army, came to Washington and burned the White House.

Even then it became clear that the American army in those years does not meet the requirements of the armed forces of the countries of the Old World.In addition, insulted the British and French might well try to take revenge.Do not forget that the Northern states have long stare at the wealth of the South.The emerging civil war, to which it was necessary to properly prepare.

Civil War and the First World

start a civil war of 1861-1865.During that time, about one million people were killed.The lesson went for future use: American engineers developed new samples of small arms and artillery weapons.It seems to be the beginning of the First World War, the US had come fully prepared.Alas, even their rare insight (as in WWII), when American forces actually began to arrive on the fronts of the war in 1918, did not save the army from the drubbing.

Contemporaries testify that the Yankees lacked normal field artillery and did not even have a normal unification of small arms infantry.Former enemies, the French and British, have helped a lot of the future "police the world."In particular, it was the French artillery calibers, 105 and 155 mm, is still the most common in the US Army.However, all this helped them a little.

Judge.From August to November 1918 dashing warriors managed to lose more than 200 thousand people were killed.And this at a time when the battle of Verdun, which lasted almost the entire 1916, claimed the lives of 300 thousand (in aggregate) from the French and Germans.

Given 600 thousand injured, we can say that in a couple of months, the US army has ceased to exist.The results were devastating.However, not all that bad: while Americans got rich at the expense of food supplies and raw materials in war-torn Europe, actually enslave many of the world government loans.It should be noted that during the intervention, Vladivostok, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk by them (in the company of other nations) has been taken out a lot of wealth and gold.

emigrated to America a great number of scientists and engineers, there is a lot of horrible former officers of the tsarist army.Since that time, the US Army began to receive the best samples of weapons and equipment that directly affected its combat effectiveness.

General digits

well known that the US military budget are unrealistic, but also takes into account costs of "partners" by NATO, which the Americans buy each year a considerable amount of equipment.According to official data, in 2014 the army has been allocated more than $ 610 million.

What is the size of the American army?According to official data, last year in the ranks of American troops served about half a million people.This is not taking into account the 14 thousand people a civil service personnel.The reserve listed as 843.75 thousands of troops.If we discuss the American private army, their numbers can only be guessed.

Few people know, but after Vietnam, the Americans did not cancel the call: it is, but there is "zero".Simply put, in the case of large-scale war under the gun, they can put 50 to 80 million people.Of course, it is unrealistic, but 30 million Americans will be able to gather recruits for sure.In any case, the US Army weaponry (more precisely, its volume) is that this whole horde quite possible to complete fully.

We, by the way, the total number of military personnel and more than a million, but much less mobilization reserve.Say "funny" 90 years, and emigration from the accounts reset is not necessary.

legal age entering into active service - 18 years.But if the decision is approved young man's parents, relatives or other caregivers category, it can go from 17 years to serve.The maximum possible age of admission is different.The linear part - 35 years in the Marine Corps - 26 years.So the American army - quite liberal "organization" in terms of the age requirement.

Form and other "little things»

«visiting card" of any army is the shape of its soldiers.The Americans - is no exception.Generally, the form of the US Army commands respect in that it purely practical.No ridiculous claims to the elements of the appearance (within reason, of course), which are so familiar to anyone who has served in CA or in the Armed Forces.

clothes - for all occasions, for all climatic zones.Designers paid attention to the ease of movement for the protection of all important parts of the bodies of soldiers.In the American military uniform is really convenient: it is less than the soldiers sweat, it provides for the presence of even mild "backpacks" to the water, what our soldiers can only dream of.

And that - not "for the pampered luxury of the Yankees' since at ambient temperature 40 degrees Celsius in the shadow of such a" luxury "can save many lives.In short, the soldiers of the US Army really are in a very comfortable environment.

especially convenient statutory shoes: ankle boots designed for exactly one year of operation.They protect the ankle soldier.Even in a mountainous region of Afghanistan splayed ankles cases are very few.This brings to mind the heavy and uncomfortable shoes in our troops.In addition, normal school bags (with ergonomic unloading) Americans for a long time.Again, this is not a luxury: in a backpack soldier can drag 15-20% more ammunition.And they, as you know - she lives in military terms.

Let us remember our duffel bags that our soldiers came into the inheritance from their grandparents, who liberated the whole of Europe ... Fortunately, troops successfully freed from this terrible anachronism.

Thus, the shape of the American army is very convenient and practical.It is hoped that over time, our troops will ensure the normal clothing and equipment.

little about titles

Here Americans are confused.However, we will try to consider the basic rank in the US Army.Of course, this is common in Africa, but then everything is much more complicated.After it is PFC, then corporal, after him - Sgt.The class of sergeants includes just six titles.After them - Warrant Officer, and so on until Warrant Officer fourth grade.

Then come: the second and first lieutenant, captain, major, lieutenant colonel and colonel (all, as we do).After that rank in the US Army once again run counter to ours.Brigadier General, Major General / Lieutenant General.On top of all this, Army General.It should be noted that the American sergeant rank very "prestigious" in many cases it sergeants officers perform functions "in the field".

Land of the

Their total number - about 600 thousand people.They also attributed another 528,500 troops reserve.Simply put, the Army as part of the US Army is the most important compound, due to the specific goals and objectives.For auxiliary functions corresponds to a pair of helicopter crews, as well as logistics brigade, artillery, medical and others.

The National Guard has at least 20 thousand troops.But there reservists at least 330 thousand people.Do not assume that the National Guard armed worse: in its composition are even armored brigades, not to mention the transport helicopters and other "little things".

Technical equipment

American army is considered to be best equipped technically.Alone M1 Abrams as of last year, there are 2,338 tanks.Approximately 3.5 thousand are in conservation.There are about a thousand cars on the platform Stryker and as much again - based on similar platforms.As for the infantry, then in their possession it is about 4.6 thousand BMP M2 and M3 Bradley.Two thousand are on conservation.And that's not counting the "oldies" M60 and the like "exhibits."

US troops in armored personnel carriers, a truly colossal amount: about 26 thousand cars.Despite all the talk about the need to write-off is still the most widespread are the M113 all modifications.A total of about 13 thousand, and five thousand are in the army.Actively build armored cars: in recent years the army has about 17,417 cars a class MRAP, including about 5.7 thousand of the latest modifications of M-ATV.

If a comparison of the US and the Russian army in this way, the Americans are clearly ahead: so, as of 2012 in the Russian Armed Forces has about nine thousand armored personnel carriers (together with "canned") of all the modifications, including much older BTR-70.The presence in the armed forces of our country BTR-90 accurate information is still there (they are, but the number is unknown).

infantry armament

And what about the infantry?What weapons the US Army in this regard?There are all relatively standard: M16, M14 rifles.There are a number of German NC 416, but they are few.Pistols - most common "Beretta", there is a "Glock" sometimes skips the old "1911 Colts."

As for SMGs, it is quite common NC MP5.There smoothbore gun, "Mossberg" and "Benelli".Heavy machine guns, in fact, only one.This "Browning M2NV" sample already in 1919!Perhaps, in this regard, the US army is stronger Russian: our soldiers have such a choice is not exactly small arms.

artillery, antitank weapons

artillery in recent years, the Americans did not pay so much attention, but is still in the armed forces of the order of six thousand such systems.These include the ACS 969 M109A6 (and another five hundred in the preservation), about 1242 guns caliber 105 and 155 mm (remember what we wrote at the beginning of the article?), And the 1205 MRL.On arms worth about 2.5 thousand mortars, including self-propelled.

But our army has a legitimate reason to be proud: the total number of domestic self-propelled guns and artillery systems passes for 14 thousand, and in the composition of the Armed Forces there are monsters like "Tulip", analogues of which the US does not.

specially for anti-tank There are approximately fifteen hundred self-propelled anti-tank systems, including platform "Stryker".Infantrymen are issued, portable anti-tank Javelin, the supply of which is the last year with the US government is negotiating the current Ukrainian government.

Aircraft Division US Army units

Have ground forces and its own aircraft.It includes a number of about 60 reconnaissance aircraft, as well as a hundred and fifty of transport.

But the backbone of the "land aviation" is made of helicopters.Thus, there are at least 740 "Apache" multipurpose 356 KiowaWarrior (multipurpose machine) and universal HH-60.For the delivery of goods are about three thousand heavy helicopters, including about 500 famous "Chinook".


It serves about 320 thousand sailors.Reservists are registered another 100 thousand.As for the technical means at the disposal of the US Navy has at least 70 submarines and more than a hundred warships.

basis of the US submarine fleet are boats of the "Ohio", armed with tactical nuclear missiles.However, at least four such ships in the recent past have been repairs and modernization, as a result of which they are equipped with cruise missiles "Tomahawk" on 154 pieces on board.Until now, the US Navy retains some nuclear torpedo that (if necessary) can fire missiles and special, which are also available through the torpedo hatches.


Currently, the US Navy has 10 ships operating class Nimiz.At the moment we are working on replacing the aviation group in the F-16 aircraft.The attacks on Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, these ships played an important role, since in many cases it was their aircraft before the end of the main points of resistance suppressed.

Generally, naval aviation plays a vital role the navy.As part of this structure are serving almost one hundred thousand troops.Aircraft very different: there are anti squadron intelligence connections and shock troops.

In total, the US naval aviation more than a thousand machines.But most of all decked bombers - nearly 830 pieces.


The Air Force of the country is about 350 thousand people.Another 150 thousand - reservists.In total, the Air Force is there about three thousand airplanes of different types and modifications (excluding canned equipment).As part of the long-range aviation operates about 160 bombers, most of them - the legendary B2.

But the Air Force considered the foundation of fighters, attack planes and bombers.Most - this aircraft F16 / F35.In addition, there are 159 pieces of F-22A «Raptor».They are the US military had high hopes, but the aircraft proved to be extremely expensive, and was unable to carry out long-term combat missions in a humid climate.

If a comparison of the US and the Russian army, we have things a bit worse, but fortunately, in recent years, the situation began to improve almost Soviet pace.Thus, as of 2015, our long-suffering air force began to receive hundreds of new aircraft and helicopters per year, whereas in the previous years - often no one.

should be noted that the total number of the Russian Air Force - information strictly confidential.Only according to some estimates we can assume that we have about 2.3 thousand aircraft.That, however, is also very, very much.More than just happy finally begun upgrading long-range aircraft (Tu-95 "Bear" and Tu-160 "White Swan").


Here's a she, the US army (photo of her soldiers are presented in the article).By the way, how to become a "media democracy"?In principle, there is nothing particularly complicated about it.The most important condition - that the candidate has been citizenship or his (Green Card).After receiving it, you can safely go to the nearest recruiting station.Say what you want to serve in the US Army, and then you begin to engage the recruiter.

requirement is not so much:

  • Go age limit.
  • answer the questions of tests ("our home among strangers," saying that they are very simple).
  • Perform physical standards: about 30 pull-ups, running, push-ups, sit-ups.In general, more or less developed man to cope with all this without much difficulty.
  • be clean before the law.In general, the army often takes even members of street gangs, so that everything is relative.
  • not have a large, causing tattoos on the body.If you have a tattoo on the head or neck - it will have to reduce them.
  • this American and Russian army unanimous: drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally unbalanced person to the service is not allowed.

In general, this can be our story ends.We hope that the article was useful for you.