How to eat papaya to get not only the pleasure of taste, and the maximum benefit.

very tree that grows fruit, papaya called, looks pretty unusual.It leaves it very little, but the huge hanging fruit that are slightly reminiscent of melon (because of this, and the tree itself is sometimes called the melon) and change color as they mature from green to golden, and sometimes orange.Each ripe fruit (papaya refers specifically to them) weigh up to 5 or even 8 kg.Due to the popularity in cooking, cosmetics and medicine, the plant produced in fairly large quantities in Mexico, Brazil, as well as in India and Indonesia.But in Europe, fresh berries, these are rare.It is for this reason that the Europeans in their majority do not know how to eat properly and papaya lost relaxing in exotic countries, when they served these fruits for dessert or offer on the market.

In fact, they are used in very different forms.For example, ripe berries are served as a dessert (like a melon), are mashed and added to salads.On the European markets is more common dried papaya as candied fruits.During their manufacture, can certainly be used additional colorants, preservatives and sweeteners, yet and stored nutrients sufficient to recommend the use to a berry.The recipes of salads and meat dishes often used green papaya (this is the same fruit, but immature form).Despite the fact that the juice of unripe plants are considered to be toxic, it is still used in many different recipes.The secret is that the ripe fruit can be eaten without heat treatment, and unripe necessarily fried or baked.

Those who do not know how to eat papaya as never tried, we can recommend to start with ripe berries in their raw form.To fully enjoy all the flavor characteristics of plants, visit one of the countries where the trees grow melon, because the fruits are stored for long and they are collected on exports is not quite mature, which affects the final properties.If such a trip in the near future is not planned, you can try to buy fruit at the market or in the supermarket (it should be kept in the fridge, as most fruits), and even better to restrict candied fruit.

For those who are well acquainted with the taste and aroma of the fruit papaya tree, there are several recipes of how to eat papaya in immature form as a component of exotic dishes.For example, green berries can be prepared with stuffing.This will require: a pound of low-fat minced meat (beef fit, turkey, chicken), the same amount of papaya (it should be green, cut into 2 pieces, no seeds), 3 large tomatoes, a bit of butter and vegetable oil, 50 g.grated parmesan, large onion, garlic, chili pepper to taste, black pepper, salt, herbs (thyme, oregano), sugar.First it is necessary to boil papaya, for this purpose it was placed for 10 minutes in boiling salted.

Stuffing cooked in a pan, fry onions in butter, meat, salt and pepper and add the garlic.Then half the berries are placed on oiled parchment, stuffed and baked in the oven for about an hour.Almost finished dish is sprinkled with cheese and spread on top of the butter, then leave for another 10 minutes bake.Before you eat papaya, it poured sauce made from frayed blender tomato stew with salt, sugar, pepper and herbs.

like a recipe where the fruit papaya tree was used to prepare main dishes, there is quite a lot.And papaya is used for the preparation of cosmetics and some medicines.