What is a business and how to build it?

What is a business?Business - it is entrepreneurial activity, the main purpose of which is to make profit.Participants in business today can be not only a variety of people who are no employees of companies or other people, but also the state as the executive and legislative power in the country, the market is a certain set of different, competing firms, welland, in the end, society, as, indeed, throughout the final buyer of manufactured products.

This article will consider three types of ways of how to build your business.The first way is a start when a person opens a business is completely without any support from the outside and at the same time without a certain managerial experience.Second - when the person is in the presence of a teacher, having enough practice.And the third - it is when a person is engaged with an experienced and professional trainer.

first method

Most people who even have little or no clue what the business is and how to behave, go to him for two reasons:

First - this is when a man in his office receives a major shareresponsible work, and this is starting to think that virtually all of the company has already held on his shoulders, so he himself was able to open his own.

second - this is when a person has reached a high enough level of knowledge in his field, he decides he is ready to organize his own company to provide this range of services.It is worth noting that these people also often do not know what the business is, therefore fail in 95% of cases.

Entrepreneurship and management - these are the areas that require huge amounts of human skills and knowledge, and so do not just start your own business.First, let's listen to the huge number of various lectures on entrepreneurship, read a few books, to use their knowledge in practice in some way, not starting their own business.

second way

If you have not got some business practices, but already know at least roughly, what is business, and persistently want to start, this road is for you to be the most convenient.

main thing for you - it is to find an experienced, talented teachers, who himself has had some success in their field.It is worth perhaps even offer to work for him for a while to teach various skills, and then only have to open your own business.

management skills can not only develop theoretical sessions, or in just a few months of practice.

Another advantage of this work to an experienced manager is that you will make mistakes, but this will occur much less frequently, and you do not lose your business after they were committed.The latter is extremely important.

third way

If you have not come to get into any team with an experienced entrepreneur, then it should go into business with the help of a professional person who is able to guide you and give you different advice.Of course, he will not be around as a mentor at your every action, but it will also help is invaluable.

Let this path a little bit worse than the other, but it is also quite effective and will allow you to significantly reduce your chance of injury.If you start working more in a team with a coach, for example, as a business partner, he will be more interested in your success and will devote you more of his time.


first method available to everyone, however, is the most inefficient, particularly when developing an unusual business.

second method is not as accessible, but the most effective.

rezultativen third method is less than the second, but it allows you not to wait for several years before opening their own business.