Peas: benefits and harms, caloric properties

peas - is one of those foods that is like everything: both children and adults.It can be eaten fresh straight from the garden, cook him a fragrant soup and add to the salad in a preserved.Peas, which benefits the organism is known since ancient times, gives the dish a special flavor.


Peas is considered to be a valuable source of vegetable protein, carbohydrates and other vitamins.However, its main feature - is the content in the composition useful for the organism of trace elements and mineral salts.

Enumerate composition can be very long.In more simple words, one pea is almost the whole periodic table.Vitamins of: E, K, B, A, H and beta-carotene.

calorie foods

Because of that in the pea contains large amounts of carbohydrates and protein, it is superior to its caloric certain types of meat.For example, if you take a lean beef, it is less caloric than peas.

Young peas, which benefit to the body is not in doubt, contains about 298 calories per 100 grams of product.Brain grade product is much tastier than the table.They contain a lot of sugar and starch.However, when starting mature peas, the amount of sugar is reduced.

Fresh peas, which benefits the person more than the canned, it is recommended to use for children.At this time, it contains in its composition many useful substances, amino acids and vitamins.

Useful properties

It's no secret that sprouted grains have a positive effect on the body.However, few know what exactly is this good.When pea sprouts, it abruptly start activated enzymes, and this affects the decomposition of carbohydrates and fats.Thus, increasing the amount of vitamin in the composition, the product is easily digested.Incidentally, mineral salts, which are contained in large amounts in peas, helps to eliminate excess liquid.

way, peas appreciate the fishermen.It turns out that the fish is just the perfect bait (boiled).

Green peas: benefit and harm from a medical point of view

Any doctor will tell you that this product is very useful to use.However, one drawback is still possible to find.For the reason that the composition contains much pea crude fiber and sugar, this product leads to higher flatulentsii.Simply put, it is the use of gas formation.

Product Benefits:

  • Peas is a very powerful antioxidant.Its regular use to minimize the risk of cancer.
  • This product is very useful for the prevention of obesity and anemia.
  • Improves blood vessels, heart, kidneys and liver.
  • In summer, be sure to eat fresh green peas.The use of it is not only a positive effect on the body, it is also perfectly removes puffiness, so it is often used in cosmetics.
  • ulcer is recommended to use as a smoothie because it reduces the acidity.
  • used for the prevention of dermatitis, and seizures.
  • cleanses the intestines of accumulated toxins.
  • reduces the likelihood of developing cancer.
  • improves brain and energizes the body.
  • maintain muscle tone and a positive effect on the development of mental abilities.
  • slows the aging process.
  • tincture of peas is used to remove toothache.

use in cosmetics

The Peas still good?Use it was noted in cosmetology.This product is often used as a mask for the face.It has been proven that such procedures rid of blackheads, reduce swelling and improve skin color.

Even in ancient times women used cosmetic purposes pea flour.In ancient Rome, it enjoyed great popularity powder, made on the basis of the product.

Effective weight loss

Peas - a great tool for cleansing the body.For this reason it is often used in the diet of the fair sex who want to lose weight.

can take dry peas and about 12 hours to soak it in cold water.Then pass it through a meat grinder.The course of weight loss is from 7 to 10 days.Cooked weight you need to eat every day for a few tablespoons.Believe me, after a month of this diet you will not only normalizes the intestine, but also goes the extra weight.

Peas: benefits for the heart

In atherosclerosis and heart disease, doctors recommend their patients to eat meals of peas.This product washes away from the body's bad cholesterol, cleanses the blood vessels.In addition, peas cleanses and normalizes blood pressure, removes excess fluid from the body.The grains of

contains a large amount of antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer and hypertension.Use it on a regular basis is recommended to everyone at any age.

It is useful to know

Peas must be able to choose.Higher quality will be the product that in dry form are not very large in diameter, about 3-4 mm.The color should be either bright yellow or green.

Now a little about what is to be after cooking peas.Use it remains the same in the case of soaking it fall apart after a maximum period of 60 minutes.In the event that this does not happen, the product is better not to eat the food.He is either old or of poor quality.

If you like canned peas, then be sure to check the composition before you buy it.It should only be sugar, salt, water and the product itself.In no case do not buy the bank, if the cover is a little swollen.

How to cook the peas?

  • before cooking be sure to fill it with fresh cold water.Per kilogram of the product is at least three liters of water.
  • Regardless of varieties of peas, the optimum time for its cooking time is 1 hour.In rare cases, it can be 1.5 hours.
  • During cooking, you can not fill up the cold water.If it has boiled away, you can add a little boiling water.
  • Salt peas need only after it will be ready, because the salt hinders of cooking.
  • If you want to cook mashed potatoes, peas, hot knead.When it has cooled slightly, formed lumps.

Use cooked peas, no less than fresh, only if it properly prepared.

How long do I need to soak the peas?

have cooking peas have a secret - it has to be pre-soaked in cold water.The best option would be to do it at night.This procedure greatly reduces the cooking time.But do not think that the longer you soak the product, the better it will be for him.This is misleading.If you overdo it, you just zakisnet peas.Count time so that the product is in water of not more than 12 hours.This is the optimum time interval.

Before soak peas, it is required to sort out.Then fold it into a deep container and rinse well.Sometimes packages can be found small pieces of twigs, you need to get rid of them.Only after that peas can be soaked in cold water.Make it so that the liquid covers the product for about two fingers.

Incidentally, it is worth noting that if after a good soaking peas swell, it will no longer cause strong gas formation.You can also add in the finished soup or mashed fresh dill, get the same effect.


Despite the fact that the benefits of peas for human body is large, there are some contraindications, which are important to know:

  • When nephritis and gout can not eat the product as fresh and cooked.
  • When thrombophlebitis and cholecystitis peas are contraindicated.
  • If you aggravated gastrointestinal diseases, it is not recommended at this time to use the product.
  • Elderly peas useful because it normalizes the heart.But all too often add to your diet you can not.
  • When bowel problems be sure to check with your doctor before you eat peas.

Of course, it is best to try to use fresh peas when he had just collected from a bed.At this time, most product is rich in vitamins and minerals.

benefits of peas is really known since ancient times.It has beneficial effects on overall health.However, you should always keep in mind how to cook it and soak, what to look for when buying canned goods.Knowing these basic rules and contraindications, you can always cook for her family, not only delicious but also healthy dish.