What grave decoration to choose?

care of the graves is a tribute to the deceased, as some people believe it is a way of communicating with his soul.Do not forget that the burial place should be visited during the individual events of the deceased and the special commemorative days, for this reason should not only set the tombstone, but also build a platform near the burial mound conveniently.What is the correct design of the grave, there are special rules?

Where to start?

most important thing - the monument, and then to the customer, the question arises, what to choose: the standard headstone or cross?It's a matter of taste and wishes of the relatives of the deceased, on the grave of any Orthodox Christian can be a cross, it is allowed by church rules.The shape of the monument can be anything - a standard or shaped plate or a complex sculpture.Recently popular decorating graves, sometimes even as the monuments are installed busts or growth figures depicting the deceased.Keep in mind that the monument should be installed no earlier than six months after the funeral, it is important that the ground has settled, otherwise skewed tombstones or its destruction.

Making grave: that in addition to the identification mark need?

It is useful to install a fence, it will help make the area apart.The element may be made of metal, stone, or combinations of these materials.Wooden fence on the set cemeteries rarely because of the fragility of the material.In its desire to do and the tomb - the curb or whole plate defining a grave mound.It is useful to be shop and a small table.Whatever the design of the grave you choose, remember that for a burial place still have to take care of.If you plan to store in the cemetery some means and tools for surface cleaning ritual elements of the ensemble or care for the soil, try to think of this place for a mini-warehouse.

final stage

If you carefully examine the samples of registration of graves, you'll notice one of the latest trends - laying tiles or asphalt surrounding the burial mound.The idea is really good, looking after the burial in this manner is minimal - there is no need to remove the weeds, and for fresh flowers can make a bed.But remember, if you ever decide to extend the burial, the coating have to be removed, and then put a new one.

Another great idea - to plant lawn grass or ornamental plants, displaces the weeds, but do not forget that for any vegetation will have to look after.Often, the cemetery and put fresh flowers.If you like this idea, choose plants with shallow root system.It is not recommended to plant trees on some of the new cemeteries it is even officially prohibited.

If desired, you can order a complete clearance of the graves, the cost of this service is not too high.Very impressive look burial ensembles made of the same material and in the same style.However, you can achieve this, and engaging in self-decorated graves, adding each element separately.