Disc spring: the purpose and technical features

manufacturing Belleville springs provide their output in a wide range of different purposes.For example, for use in aggressive environments use materials that do not cause corrosion.For the needs of the automotive industry are made from steel having spring-The spring function.It is characterized by endurance, and its products are operated in a wide temperature range: -60 ºC to +120 ºC.


The main task is to perform a diaphragm spring - is very strong to withstand the load, but provide minimal distortion.This is facilitated by, firstly, the disk shape.Second, the principle of providing the elastic deformation.Disc spring consists of separate segments with a large area, so they are receptive to load and tend to accumulate energy.At its core is a tapered ring, which is designed to resist the deforming forces.Being exposed to heavy load, the system is balanced, and aims to balance.

for different functional needs of designers have developed many options that can fit cup spring.Therefore, it is used mechanical engineers.Actively involve such details in the oil and gas industry.Energy and instrument also need cymbal springs.Apply them, and in the mining industry.

method of assembling

Depending on the shape of a disc, use different types of product assembly.This greatly expands the classification of the springs.For example, if the diaphragm spring is manufactured in the assembly sequence, the effect is created in which the amplitude of the deflection increases.Therefore, the more drives will be included in the block, the more vigorously it will amortization.But if you change the way of stacking plates on the parallel arrangement, the deflection under the influence of the forces will be minimal, and the spring force will depend on the number of disks in it.There is another option - a combined assembly.In this case, and consistent, and the parallel arrangement of disks in one unit allows to obtain two effects: a strong deflection of one element and the other minor.The number of possible combinations is unlimited, and this increases the functionality of the springs.

Quality requirements

reason for the failure of the spring may be damage caused by excessive strain.In cars it is heavily dependent on the terrible road conditions.In any case, the replacement disk spring ("Priora" is a car or other) most often for this reason.

They are not allowed to operate if they have cracks, corrosion on the surface electrical burns or chipped.Do not install drives with strong roughness caused by metal machining.To reduce the effect of friction, all the elements included in the plate-type spring must be lubricated.On the product should be marked.It shows all the necessary specifications.