Courage - a state of omnipotence and permissiveness.

in dictionaries explain that courage - a special psychological state, a sense of success in business, which is transmitted to others.Courage does not involve elaborate action is more Emotional.There is also a view that the courage - this is an analogue of enthusiasm, a special state of determination and courage.

In moments of courage gives the impression that you push forward by some invisible force.Movement clear and verified, it pours a continuous stream.Many speakers know about such a thing as "the effect of 10 minutes" - for the time necessary to talk with themselves, and then have triggered mechanisms of automaticity.

Courage and drive

term "drive" came to us from the West, this state is somewhat similar courage.Drive - is the willingness to take decisive action, positive energy.In fact, drive and courage - a laid-back demeanor, a state where reckless.This behavior does not usually characteristic of a person, helping to establish contacts and attract the attention of others.Everyone wants

to experience the state of courage, become the soul of the company, but many do not realize why there is courage and if it is good.

Situations in which there is courage

Courage - a self-affirmation at the expense of others.To achieve this state of the environment needed for exaggeration and reflection of their own state.Basically courage created in two cases - when a person is in full control of the situation, or is on the verge of despair, and he has nothing to lose.The inner confidence in his actions - is the courage, the translation of this word from French - "the heart» («coeur»).Anyone who knows how to artificially create courage, knows how to win the attention of another person.

artificially achieve boldness

The first step is to recall the feeling of omnipotence and the flight, a friend since childhood, when fear was unknown.Such moments are at each, you only need to remember them.Drunk Russian courage - a similar condition, but it is wrong, and you should not be on it.

Then you need to believe in themselves, in what you are most compelling and attractive.And realize that every person with whom you are communicating, you also aims to please.If you turn the situation and the attitude of the other way around, it immediately becomes clear that the situation has one who acts.

When not out to create a sense of courage

In difficult situations, it is important to seem brave to the people around you, do not lose heart.But if a man lacking leadership qualities, is likely to imitate them fail.People feel it right away.It is therefore important to radiate optimism and self-confidence, and not just to portray them.

Many go to work every day, talking, just live, but bright and action they do not have the mood and fresh thinking.Psychologists in this case we say that there is no energy or motivation.How do we get the energy and courage?Our internal state depends on energy and elation.Our soul is fed with joy and success.We are experiencing a state of courage when it turns to realize all our plans conceived.