How to respond to an insult buzz words: recommendations

Sometimes in life occur a situation when you have to hear from strangers, or, conversely, close friends negative comments, criticisms, taunts.What comes to mind in such a situation?Of course, the desire to stop Kolka ice back.I always have to do it, and how to respond to an insult to intelligent words, we will look at in this article.

What types of abuse exist and how to answer them?

  1. Insults rudely (profanity, obscene language).Before I answer the other party that you openly rude and rough, think, and whether you do it to respond?After answering him in the same way, you get down on his level.How to respond to an insult buzz words?In such a case it would be wiser to calmly and coolly put the person on the spot and dismiss any taunts at him.
  2. insults, hidden behind a mask of irony (taunts).How to respond to an insult buzz words in this situation?On taunt need to meet the same.For example:

Interlocutor: Something you do not really look after it stayed at work until 10.00 pm.

you: Thank you for your concern, but you know, you left yesterday to work on time, and the view you have nevertheless some rumpled and unkempt.

General recommendations

confronted with people who, humiliating others, assert themselves, it is possible anywhere and anytime.It is always important to know how to respond to an insult.Below, we provide a list of general tips to help you out of any uneasy dialogue emerge victorious:

  • be smarter than the person who offends you.Do not stand on the same level as the person who in addition to harsh words and one-liners longer knows nothing and wants to know;
  • if your partner has raised his voice at you, then in any case do not shout back at him.It will only complicate the situation and bring you out of balance, which is likely what he wants;
  • we all have equal rights, and we can speak to each other whatever we want;
  • not forget that the person who is trying to get you out of yourself or hurt words, worthy only of pity;
  • learn how to turn off the emotions.In some situations, a cold and sober mind is still better temper and aggression;
  • do not be silent.If you touched your identity, then you need to answer in any case.Otherwise, you risk to impress man-cloths;
  • with those people with whom you have yet to be any way to contact, it is better to restrain his ardor even more advance thinking that this lack of restraint required to respond to you in the future;
  • love yourself and take care of yourself!Whatever anyone says to you, your life from this hardly change.

How to respond to an insult buzz words?There are many psychological techniques.The best of them will be humor.Treat with a smile to someone who tries to hurt you verbally or insult.You disarm it and also save your nerve cells intact.

We have considered as a cultural answer to the insult.We hope that these tips will help you!