Women's and men's Slavic names

In pregnant women, a lot of different concerns.Apart from the fact that they must carefully monitor their health and body condition, expectant mothers also need to choose the name of the baby.But this is not so easy as it seems at first glance.

What to consider?

Select the name of your child can be on different criteria.Today, there is nothing strange and surprising that children are called even the most unusual names, and nobody condemns.First of all it depends on what the parents like themselves.But choosing how to name the child, you should think about how the name will sound together with the name and patronymic.And, of course, you can choose a nickname as a habitual ear - Russian, Slavic and abroad, which are called "exotic".

little history

Considering women's or men's Slavic names, you should keep in mind that people's history began long before the adoption of Christianity in Russia.Thus, most of the Old Slavonic names at baptism was forbidden to use, because they are partly or wholly composed of the names of pagan deities.An example may be a nickname such as Lada or Yarilo that corresponded to certain gods.Also in Russia, it was customary to give the names of the children, which consisted of two words - Lubomir, Yaropolk, Vladislav.Today, these nicknames are considered common in pre-Christian times, it can be called exotic, strange, although it is not so.Therefore, some parents try to change the situation and revive the male and female Slavic names, he called them his children.

What to do?

Often, choosing how to name their child, parents are divided into speculation with the relatives.Having said that, how you want to name the baby, mom and dad can often hear the criticism that has about the following phrases: "Do not spoil the life of the child that name!", "You have nothing to do, call the toddler ok!" And so on. D.This situation is also possible to cope.Everyone knows that the child may have two names - one secular, the other - given at baptism, and a small circle of well-known people.Here you can take into account the wishes and preferences of relatives.Besides picking up female and male Slavic names, you can get into a situation where the church simply does not provide an appropriate nickname for the name of the saint.Here also come in handy another religious name, which the Father and Adam called the child.


choosing a female or male rare Slavic names, you should bear in mind that a child with such a nickname can not adequately respond to not only children, but also some adults.Therefore, pre-better think twice before calling the baby, for example, so called Old Church as Mecheslav, Ratibor or Velizar.Men's Slavic names may be familiar to the ear: Bogdan, Boris, Miroslav, Yaroslav.No less popular today and these are the Slavic female nicknames like Snezana, Milan, Zlata, Yasmin.Women's or Men's Slavic names, a list which will help you understand what exactly cute ears and so like their parents, are always original and pleasant sounding.