Hazing in the Russian army

Hazing in the army of modern post-Soviet states - a phenomenon that is very difficult to eradicate.Tom contribute: the continuity of "generations" of employees, low level of culture and other factors.Many defenders of the Fatherland is for this reason zakosit want the army to avoid putting their health and psyche of danger.One way to do this - "grease" who should be in the military.The size of bribes from time to time into the pockets of the officers, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Army of our great Motherland has never been a comfortable place for the ordinary.Even in the times of the kings, priests many soldiers deserted because of the hard tyranny of officers, intolerable conditions, cane regime, a huge life, calculated to recruits decades.Only in the 1870s, the situation in the Armed Forces of the Russian Empire has improved markedly.The service life was shortened, corporal punishment is used less frequently, reducing the number of shoots.

In the first decades of the Soviet state hazing in the army was a rare occurrence.For her, there was no room - disciplinary powers commanders were wide, and the system call - the class.But that all changed in the mid-fifties.At this time, the army began to call amnestied ex-cons.Obviously, this was a major mistake leadership of the Armed Forces.Yesterday's prisoners brought into the ranks of civil servants thieves habits, which they picked up a little in the zones.There was something before the troops of the Soviet Union never was.Seniors at the call began to beat and oppress the younger, forcing to perform their dirty work.Such phenomena in the 50's were rare and occurred mainly in the guardhouse.However, in the late fifties, and all appeared in the barracks.And in the '60s hazing in the army it was already a fait accompli.Tom helped and reduced service life.

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hazing in the army - not just a negative phenomenon.It is a system that has developed over time, their traditions, rituals and even some folklore.Do employees still exists a hierarchy of hazing.Lower stage there are "disembodied spirits" or "smell" - the guys who have not given the oath.They are forced to endure various jokes from the "old-timers" who experience moral quality newcomers.But I must say that the "smell" is not particularly strain.Typically, they are given the opportunity to settle.The next stage - the actual "spirit."This "title" acts first few months after the oath.The main purpose of "spirits" - to serve "grandfathers", performing most nepochetnuyu work as well as be an object of humor on the part of the latter.The third stage - is the "elephant."Ritual transfer to this level is quite simple: "Grandfather," the soldier hit several times with a belt on the butt."Elephants" perform all the same functions as the "spirits".The next level is much more honorable - "Skull".Ritual translation of "elephants" - the same belt whipping, rarely done "check plywood" - a severe blow to the chest.But the privileged status - is, of course, "Grandpa."The next level - it's demobilization, which "to order" is a hundred days.As a result of the reduction in the lifetime of some parts of some of the titles of hazing thing of the past.However, we can safely say that the "system of ranks" as a whole remained the same.

hazing in the Russian army battered nerves of many "spirits" and "Elephants".Unfortunately, not too rare cases of abuse that resulted in the loss of health and even the lives of young soldiers.If you prepare for the service, you know that you can be useful to the three main qualities: ingenuity, physical strength, and stability.Possession of any single combat will not be odd for you.Some soldiers just flatly refused to be running for grandparents and their decision respected.The other half did not let the life of the mop out of hand.Much depends not only on the existing system, but on the man himself.Despite all of its shortcomings, a good school of life is the Russian army.Hazing, which it is still, not so terrible as it is painted.