Godmother and godfather: Acting

baptism of a child - a crucial step.Parents should not only be convinced that it is necessary to your child, but also the right to choose the godparents.Because of this, according to the destination godparents depends raise children in faith and piety.

About procession

If more women are more responsible for such an event, as baptism, that men may some details and moments ride.Doing this is not necessary, because each godfather must remember that for his deeds he will be ultimately responsible to God.Therefore, pre-godfather of his duties should be good to learn to know what to do in a given situation.


Godparents must remember that if they were offered a responsible role, can not refuse, it is considered a bad sign.Agreeing with his new status godparents, they should thoroughly understand what they need to do or not do, wanting to prepare for the ceremony.So, a few days before the baby's baptism godparents must observe fasting, not sexually active.It should also be remembered that the godparents can not be atheists as well as people who are married.What should themselves understand the godmother and godfather?The duties assigned to them, you must comply strictly with, whether they like it or not.Previously, a child of the cross was only one person of the same sex, but today it has changed a little bit, but the main is the godparent, who is the same gender as the baby.It should also be remembered that all the costs of preparing the ceremony godparents must take.A man buys a dagger, and pays for the services of the Church (Photographer), a woman buys a baptismal shirt and towel - kryzhmu.It is also godmother to prepare refreshments for guests who came to congratulate the child in such an important day as baptism.

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godmother should remember that the ceremony of baptism can not be painted, ie, enjoyed any makeup.Not welcome as any decoration, but could and should be put on his pectoral cross.Responsibilities godfather at the baptism did not involve difficult.You just have to keep the baby and do all that my father would say.It is also better to learn pre-prayer "Creed", it will need to say during the baptism ceremony.Responsibilities godmother during the same ceremony.


is worth to remind that the main godfather to the child is the one who with him of the same sex.If the boy was baptized, the godfather of his duties should be good to clarify.After all, he would have to talk to the kid, who God is, what faith the child and how to behave in various church ceremonies.Knowing the duties godfather, a man should lead an honest, pious life, because it will be a child, to look closely to the manner of his behavior.Misconception is that the cross should just give numerous festivals gifts kid, but this is not enough.That's godmother and godfather, whose duties - the spiritual education of the child, are responsible for the way in which a person becomes a child, in the future will be arranged in the society.