The initial military registration

military registration - a process carried out by military enlistment offices to clarify the number of male citizens.It is also determined by the category of life of young people to be pervonachalke to military service.Typically, this set of activities is carried out with pupils and students of vocational schools and colleges.Recruitment offices at the same time guided by Article 9 of the Law "On Military Duty and Military Service."So, what you need to know the parents of sons and the young men themselves, who will be the procedure of registration?

Each year, from January to March in military commissariats held initial staging of young men for military service.The event is organized in conjunction with educational institutions located in the territory of the municipal department of education, to which the draft board.All young people, which in the coming year marks 17 years must pass and get a commission for military service in the place where they live.If for some reason the Commission has not been passed in the terms defined by law, it can be done within a year.

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Pre teachers educational institutions write the specifications for every young person to be PPVU and specialists in professional psychological selection - staffers military offices - together with the headmasters and supervisors conducted a survey.The questionnaires contain the information about the interests, preferences, learning and key character traits for future recruits.This information is then used in determining the life of the young men for military service in a certain kind of troops and psychological readiness to serve in the army.

During the event, at which students and students of vocational schools and colleges come in an organized, according to the schedule agreed upon with the local Board of Education and administration, city or area, the basic procedure is the medical examination.Each specialist doctor, examining the boy, as well as focusing on the medical records provided by the clinic, determines its suitability for military service in their field.

During military registration required the presence of a representative of an educational institution, as the guys until they come of age.Also, parents can attend and doprizyvnikov, because in some cases it is necessary to pay attention at the medical examination and study cards on the particular state of health of their son (for example, chronic illness or injury, which can then affect the impossibility of service).

presence of the parents is allowed and the Commission itself for the initial military registration, which the chairman announced the results of the survey and pre dedicates a young man (in terms of health and professional and psychological selection) to serve in a specific branch of service.This is not to say that the young man in the future will serve there, just the conclusion of such a possibility in accordance with the category of life.

After that, each citizen is issued a certificate to be called - the military document with a photograph, stamped and signed by the chief of department of the military commissariat.This document specifies the category of life, and stamped the recruiting office on the date of military registration.Ascribed identity may be required for presentation to children at the school for admission, as well as in the design of civil and foreign passports.

should know that even if ascribed identity is written, "partially fit" or "unfit" to perform military service, the final decision on admission to the stock boys in terms of health status will only accept the draft board.Therefore, in the future, you must once again come to the military commissariat for medical examination and confirm the inability to pass on the health service.

Withdrawal of military registration usually occurs when the recruit is going to leave the city or town (for study or in connection with the move) for a period of more than three months.This young man personally wrote a statement of withdrawal, which indicates the reason for the departure, and the next address of the residence or school.Typically, barriers to deregistration does not arise, but the expert is obliged to inform the recruit about the need to register at the enlistment office in another village for two weeks.If the recruit will not rise on account of the new address, the military commissariat of the event will begin to search for, having the opportunity to engage the police and the department of the Federal Migration Service.Failure to military registration face administrative fine or a warning.