Gifts for wedding anniversary?

wedding anniversary - a day in which spouses can remember, "as it was" to review the wedding photos, and invite friends and relatives to share in the joy of this event.After the wedding day - this is not just memorable date is the birthday of family, so it must be noted accordingly.Not always in the whirlwind of life it is time, desire and ability to contrive large-scale festival dedicated to the anniversary of the wedding, but a round number - this is a special case, which is simply impossible to ignore.

If you are invited to a wedding anniversary, the main question is what to give to spouses.I'd like to present was not only useful, but also memorable, and that he is really pleased with the heroes of the occasion.Almost every wedding anniversary (starting with the first one) has its name, traditions and rituals.And if you can link your gift with the theme of a particular anniversary, will simply wonderful.For example, the tenth anniversary of the wedding called pink roses wedding or afternoon, so, in this day, all must comply with the "pink theme."Also called tin decade wedding anniversary.What to give to spouses in a day?All sorts of products from tin, baskets filled with roses and rose wine and even jam from roses.You can give life with the image of luxury flowers, tablecloths, linens, utensils or household items with painted roses (or pink).And if your gift is not related to the theme of the anniversary, just supplement it with a bouquet of roses.

On the fifteenth anniversary of family life, referred to as glass or crystal wedding, you can give the dishes and glass (glasses, bowls, cups, dishes), as well as a variety of items for the home interior (candlesticks, figurines, vases,glass photo frames, and so on. n).Symbolic gift can be any steam glass or crystal figurine, statuette such as a pair of swans.

wedding anniversary 20 years is called a porcelain wedding, so as a gift in this day perfect service from porcelain, beautifully packaged two porcelain cups and other products of this noble material.

25 years of marriage - is the silver jubilee of family life.As is clear from the title of this anniversary, as a gift should pick up any silver or silver-plated items: dishes, items for home decoration.And you can give the couple a commemorative silver coin minted in the year - surely such a gift will not leave them indifferent.

Thirty anniversary of living together is called a Pearl wedding.Gifts for the wedding anniversary?Jewelry with pearls (for example, his wife - a pendant, and her husband - cuff links), as well as a variety of products with a pearl inlay.

wedding anniversary 35 years is called linen or coral wedding.As a gift for such anniversary, you can choose a variety of linen products: tablecloths, bed linen, towels.A gift can be supplemented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers of a coral color.

40 years of marriage - is a ruby ​​wedding.If you can give the product a ruby ​​jubilee - excellent.And if not, select a gift for them to ruby ​​colors (this can be anything - from towels to dishes), and supplement it with a bouquet of bright red roses (dahlias, chrysanthemums, gerberas, lilies and gladioli).

wedding anniversary 45 years of marriage is called a sapphire, and as a gift, you can consult all the same as on the ruby ​​wedding, but not in the red, and blue (sapphire) colors.

first half-century of life together is called the golden wedding.If you are invited to a celebration, it is best to prefer gifts of gold (eg jewelery), gold-plated products, as well as any objects with gold glitter.

Besides thematic gifts for any wedding anniversary can present a lot of different of gifts: appliances, all kinds of products for home, a portrait of the couple (written on the picture) and simply money.However, try to beat these little gifts and bring them closer to the theme of a wedding anniversary, for example, by packaging a certain color.