Obligations of the witness at the wedding

to be a bridesmaid - a great honor.But beyond that, this proud title means a lot of obligations, minor hassle that borne by cronies.Obligations of the witness at the wedding include many small details that make for a bright and colorful celebration.

to start when choosing mates need to look closely at the prospective nominee.Do not take the witness to forgetfulness and punctuality Woman.These negative qualities can fairly spoil your celebration.Too bright person for this role and is not suitable as it will distract attention from the bride herself.

Once you do chose a pal, you can start preparing for the most important day in the life of a girl.First and foremost, the responsibility of the witness at the wedding march the bride enters the shops and salons.You will need to help her choose a dress, accessories, determine the hairstyle and manicure.

directly on the wedding day should be the first witness to come to the bride.We need to help put on her dress, hair and check the condition of the entire overall appearance.On this important day the bride will be a little forgetful and scattered because of the excitement.This is normal, so it should be a witness to take care of the little things such as cosmetic bags, scarves, champagne, glasses, camera and more.If the bride is agitated, it is necessary to calm her down - this is one of the most important moments, which are the responsibility of the witness at the wedding.

When the groom and best man must skillfully fun ceremony foreclosure.Then, when all go to the registrar, the witness continues to accompany the bride and her travels in one machine.

During the ceremony, the witness is from the groom.If necessary, she will help to hold the wedding the bride's bouquet.After painting the young, it will also need to sign to attest to the legality of the marriage.

Normally, when you exit the Registry Office, congratulated the newlyweds and handed bouquets.Here, again, can not do without the bridesmaids.She needs to take a young all donated flowers, leaving only her wedding bouquet.Then, during a walk, the witness continues to monitor the appearance of the bride.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, a boyfriend to help seat guests.Also, one of the most important responsibilities is to monitor the shoe of the bride, her place and, more importantly, for the youngest, so nobody steals.During numerous competitions witness should not sit in his place.If you want to have to help cheer leading guests.

performing the duties of the witness at the wedding, the main thing - do not forget the toast.It will be necessary to speak immediately after the parents.

question the witness at the wedding you need to prepare in advance.This is a very important process that requires a lot of time and imagination.Sweet sentence of five words unnecessary.Guests want to hear something bright, colorful and unforgettable.It can even be written so as not to forget anything important.To see myself from the outside, it is worth a little practice before a mirror.Keep in mind that it should not take more than five minutes.First you need to thank for the honor.Diversify yourself toast can be a poem, funny stories from his childhood.After it is necessary to wish you happiness, health, children.Of course, in the end to say: "Bitter!".

What does the witness at the wedding?To summarize:

- conducting ransom;

- watching all kinds of ornaments;

- cares about the appearance of the bride;

- actively participates in all competitions;

- supports a festive atmosphere throughout the celebration.

At the end of the feast, dismissed the bride and groom, you will need to deal with food and financial issues.And after all this, to remember the happy moments.