The long-tailed tit is interesting?

Long-tailed Tit - a relatively small bird, characterized by beautiful, slightly rounded wings and long, like "step" tail.Beak she is short, slightly swollen and slightly bent.This indicates that the long-tailed tit - mainly insectivorous creature.Latin name - Aegithalos caudatus.

With regard to geographical distribution, it is extremely high: the species occurs in the vicinity of Arkhangelsk, it constantly can be seen in Ukraine.These birds are common up to Sakhalin, but interesting his desire to stay close to the man as a deep taiga they do not fly.It should be noted that the long-tailed tit is not found in Central Asia.

all northern populations are nomadic, while closer to the southern regions are increasingly becoming fully settled views.Nomadic (depending on location) may start in September, continuing sometimes almost to the end of March.

Typically, long-tailed tit prefers to keep in deciduous and mixed forests, it is often found in urban parks and green spaces.He prefers those arrays where there is a dense shrub "canopy", which hides these young birds.

mainly to blue-tits mentioned type is characterized by schooling behavior, but sometimes you can see them in pairs.Fluttering and jumping from branch to branch, tits all the time overlap.Svoeobrazen quick flight "long-tailed": it is low and volnoobrazen.Sitting on a tree, the birds quickly begin to navigate through it, climbing into the most inaccessible corners in search of food.

all found they immediately eat.In the works of many authors can be found the assertion that long-tailed tit is not mixed with the other members of his family.This is not true.

not uncommon to see large flocks of Shinichi, which include this species.It should be noted that the long-tailed tit, even in such gatherings are held somewhat apart, trying to gather in small groups on specific characters.

breeding period begins around March.Feathered their nests trying to build on trees standing near the forest edges or in thick undergrowth.In most cases, they are held on deciduous trees.It is very rare to find a home of tits in floodplain willow thickets and other bushes.

Like any bird, bird is given to questions of construction of its nest a lot of attention.The walls carefully spread the mixture out of the web of plant fibers, densely tufts of wool, fluff and dry grass.

Occasionally among building materials meet the whole feathers of other birds, the impeller from the seeds of trees.Most of the pavement - down and feathers of the hostess, arranged in a thick and warm pillow.

As already mentioned, by the nature of the food, it refers to the insectivores.Very often it eats weevils, bugs, turtles and other forest pests.Thus, the long-tailed tit, which has photos in this article, is extremely useful for the forest bird.

By the way, an old Russian name it - apollonovka.Trapping believed that birds simply can not find more beautiful and therefore picked up as the name of an exquisite, fully reflecting all its charm.