Harvestman - spider known throughout

In fact, every person living in the house harvestman - spider, which can be described as the most common representative of its kind on the planet.The length of the body is typically less than one centimeter.There are individuals who as adults are not longer than two millimeters.However, people are afraid of them because they are quite large paws - up to five cm, which is several times the size of the body.These individuals live in forests.Pets spiders are not very long legs.Taurus is also their very different forms.It can be round, oval or oblong.

His name has received from this kind of detachment harvestman.Spider from this unit and at all is not.That is why the detachment is also often called false spiders.The only similarity is their that both species belong to the family arachnids.

harvestman - spider, which, like the rest of the family, has eight eyes.Two of them are called medial, and are located in front of the calf.The remaining six are changing their position depending on which region inhabited by their owners.They can comfortably sit on the sides, or is on the ledge.In short, the position of the eye depends on the ease of use at a particular location.Therefore, if one insect to carry the wood in the house, he is likely to die.

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As mentioned above, the harvestman - spider, which is widespread.It can be found in Asia, Africa and Alaska.Moreover, he is able to live in a variety of conditions - in the meadows, the houses, forests, glaciers.The main thing that this place was inhabited by gnats and other small insects, because otherwise arachnid die of hunger.In fact, the harvestman spider photo, which can be found in any specialized resources dedicated to this family does not need a separate presentation, as everyone knows it.It should be noted that his second name - crane-fly.The people he is known under this name.

In addition, harvestman - spider, which can not be called lazy.If it is found that a certain production is not hit in his web, but it is very close to her, he begins to shake its network of smooth and quiet vibrations.The threads are not sticky traps properties as other representatives of the family, but that does not mean that eating spider can escape.To prevent this from happening, he weaves a web of confusion and as soon as it gets the victim begins to wrap it even more.It should be added that the harvestman can eat prey immediately or leave it "canned" as the future.

There are different views that relate to the dangers of these spiders to humans.Some argue that no harm will not be able to put the insect people.The rest believe that harvestman spider is poisonous, but it can not use its bite on a person, because the amount of liquid poison in his body is limited.He simply go hungry if bite your finger or a leg.There is another view, which says that the spider is not only toxic, it is much more dangerous tarantulas and black widows.But still no one died of his bite, because he can not bite through the skin.In any case, it is not necessary to check on the truth of these theories, because no one knows exactly how to behave in an insect in the next second.