Workshop on the Russian language: what is the contiguity

Starting in the 8th grade to a detailed study of syntax and punctuation, students explore the theme of "Junction".It is quite easy to digest, even though some points could cause misunderstanding or embarrassment.

formulation of rules and interpretation of the theme

explain what contiguity, the teacher builds on students' knowledge of grammar, morphology, their ability to distinguish and classify the parts of speech.In the study of the theme "Communication of words in the phrase" children need to understand that and coordination, and management of, and contiguity - is a kind of submission.Ienone of these types of communication can not occur between the subject and predicate.The relationship between the predicative units always equal.

explain what contiguity, the teacher teaches the students to see the structure of the phrase, identify the main and dependent words, be able to ask a question from one to another.Without such knowledge the students will not grasp the topic, do not acquire the skills.When the fineness analysis engine combinations will be very clear, you can begin to explain the topic.

What contiguity, it is best first to show clear examples, from which it is clear where the main thing, and where the dependent words.Eighth graders will understand why the second does not vary with the grammatical forms of the first: to read sitting - read sitting - read sitting, muttering almost inaudibly - muttered almost inaudibly - muttered almost inaudibly, the ability to do - the ability to do, to play better, boiled egg, and others. Students shouldclarify that the abutment dependent word is usually immutable part of speech.It is not inclined not conjugated, but simply communicates with the main meaning.That this is the essence of what contiguity why this type of communication is so named.

Consolidating the subject, the teacher should pay attention to students that the dependent words, tend to act adverbs, gerunds, infinitives, the adjective in the comparative degree.Sometimes, such a role can play a possessive pronoun of the discharge, in the form of the 3rd person.Junction in the Russian language, in addition to the sense of communication, expressed in terms of word order and intonation.

complexities of parsing and analysis

lesson devoted to consolidation, it is necessary to consider the complicated cases that can cause difficulty or misunderstanding topics.This occurs when students come across examples such adverbs are formed from nouns, but because they are hard to distinguish from the substantives.Adjoining this type in phrases like control.Students can not distinguish one from the other: to go in the summer - the summer to admire.As you can see, the phrase in the first type of connection - abutment in the second - control.The criterion of correctness is figuring out what part of speech the word is dependent.In the first case, "summer" - an adverb, in the second - a noun.IeDispute determine the part of speech belongs questionable word.Next to it is given by a semantic question.In this case it is "when?" And "what?".Questions have confirmed the validity of our judgments.

Thus, developing a sensitivity to the way, the attention to its grammatical structure, the teacher contributes to a better assimilation of the topics studied and increase interest in his subject.