The latitude and longitude on a map: to determine the exact "address"

Every place on earth has its exact "address", where you can find it quickly.It is not so difficult as it seems at first glance.The latitude and longitude on the map allow you to locate a particular object.To do this, you must have on hand a map or a modern GPS-navigator.Interestingly, the same geographic coordinate system used on other planets.

Why latitude and longitude is measured in degrees

You probably already know that the Earth is a sphere.If you look at the globe, it can be seen that the entire surface of our planet is covered with conventional lines - meridians and parallels.Their coordinates, respectively, are the latitude and longitude on the map, which are measured in degrees.Many people do not quite understand why the geographical coordinates is measured in degrees.Although it is quite simple, it is only necessary to hold the corner.To do this, imagine a point in the center of the Earth, it will be the top of our corner.One side must pass through the equator, which divides the planet i

n two.The second side must pass through a point that we need to let this be the city of Moscow.As a result, we have turned the corner.To determine the latitude, it must be measured with a protractor.It turned about 55 degrees, as well as the capital of the Russian Federation lies north of the equator, the result must be written as follows: 55 N(55 degrees north latitude).To determine longitude, you need to draw a corner, the apex of which will also be at the center of the planet.But one side of the angle should be based on the Greenwich meridian, and the second - to pass through the point we needed, in this case, Moscow.Get 37 degrees.Since the city lies to the east of the prime meridian, write down the exact result - 37 E(37 degrees East).

Definition of coordinates on the map of

This example was given in order to make it easier to understand how to calculate the coordinates.In fact, everything is much easier, because many maps and globes are already net of geographical coordinates.Degrees of latitude are shown in longitudes which are arranged parallel to the equator.Meridian, on the contrary, crosses the equator, they can be used to find out longitude.First we need to know in which hemisphere is necessary to us the point: the north or south;east or west.The latitude and longitude on a map determined by the degree grid.If you look at the globe, it can be seen that all meridians have the same length, while parallel - different.The longest parallel is the equator itself, whose length is approximately - 40 000 km.And the closer to the poles, the parallels become shorter.On the north and south poles latitude turns into a point with coordinates 90 ° Nand 90 SWhat is surprising - only two places on Earth do not have longitude.

Determining the longitude and latitude of modern methods

The World Wide Web, you can find plenty of useful maps, the most popular of which are the maps of Google and Yandex.The latitude and longitude on a map defined by just one click of the mouse.And displays the exact coordinates of up to 10 meters.Manually such results can only be achieved on large-scale maps.Another version of the definition of latitude and longitude - GPS-navigator.This device allows you to find the exact coordinates of where you are.The principle of its operation is based on receiving signals from satellites.Moreover, it is able to display not only the latitude and longitude but also the altitude.Most modern navigators are able to show the location of up to 2 meters.