Sour cream for the face wrinkles

benefits of natural cosmetics to improve skin and preserve its youth is undeniable.The undisputed leader among home remedies is sour.For the skin it is suitable unconditionally.The acids contained in the product, have a disinfecting and bleaching properties.This is true for all skin types.

Smetana - a recognized leader among food products used for skin

For what age group is most suitable mask for the face cream?Reviews women girlhood to use it, they say that it is good for young persons with skin prone to inflammation, and for the ladies of mature age.Such masks were doing a lot of generations of women.Not only are our mothers and grandmothers knew about the benefits of sour cream for facial beauty, but also their ancestor.

Which is better - a home or bought in a store?

Everyone knows that the sour cream strife.Shops and the market is very much different.How to choose - a shop, with a pleasant sour or sweet cream market, which has not yet put the leaven?In this case it is necessary to focus on the presence or absence of preservatives, as well as on the type of skin.Sour cream for the face, bought on the market, it has a high fat content.This feature is good to use in the winter, when the skin is dry and weathered.Soft and very fluid cream without leaven good moisturize and soften a skin.However, home-sour facial skin prone to sweating and rashes acne will only harm.In this situation, you should use products store with the lowest fat content.

General recommendations for all ages and skin types

sour cream mask should not be kept on your face for longer than 20 minutes.Also unacceptable drying it.This happens when a layer of sour cream is very thin, and the air in the room too dry.In this case, it is recommended to add new layers of masks, without waiting for drying, sprinkle the face with water from a sprayer or cover it with a damp towel.Apply the mask only on well cleansed face, and then rinse it wipe his tonic and reinforce the effect achieved by time of year and the type of skin cream.

Honey mask

egg yolk, sour cream and honey facial is the best nutrition.Triple effect of this mask deserves to replenish the treasury of recipes for beauty every follower of a woman.Lecithin contained in the yolk, penetrating deep into the epidermis and rejuvenates skin cells, honey nourishes and moisturizes cream.It is a unique tool for aging skin.The mask of sour cream for the face (reviews about how it can be heard from our mothers and grandmothers from) applied to the skin is quite thick.As the drying it should be updated by applying a fresh coat.

makes this mask can be once a week - it all depends on the condition of the skin.Cosmetologists believe that honey-yolk mask of sour cream for the face wrinkles formed in the corners of the eyes, known as crow's feet, is the best remedy.

for problem skin with acne

problems of young skin to 25 years, often reduced to the fight against the effects of acne and rashes.Sour cream and salt to face with such defects is a real boon.Salt is excellent disinfectant, but is able to dry up the skin so much that it threatens premature wrinkles.In such a situation will come to the aid of low-fat sour cream.For the person (ratings prove it) this mask fits wonderfully.

small pink or black Himalayan salt and lemon will improve the color, because citric acid has a bleaching effect.Keep the mask on the face should not be long.Ten minutes is enough.After washing the skin should be wiped with tonic water or rose water.

Chia seeds to fight aging

who has ever tried to mask with chia seeds, he could not become a fan of it.Chia and sour cream for the face (reviews all those who made this cocktail together) are suitable for all skin types.Soaked seeds dry quickly or slide.Sour cream is an excellent base and connecting element.Thick mucus chia pulls toxins from the epidermis.This is true for the young, and aging skin.Face mask of sour cream and home-chia seeds suitable for those over 40 and for younger women can be advised a 15% cream from the store.

mask done so.One teaspoon of seeds is mixed with a tablespoon of sour cream and left for 10-15 minutes at room temperature.This time is enough to make the necessary fermentation occurred.

How much is to keep the face mask, which consists of chia and sour cream?For dry skin enough 20 minutes.All this time, it is desirable to lie or sit in a relaxed position, his face damp cloth.When muscles are relaxed the process of absorption of toxins is particularly intense.After washing the skin should be wiped with tonic and put the cream with hyaluronic acid.Liberated from toxins, it is upgraded and significantly rejuvenate.

mask, consisting of chia and sour cream, facial oily teenage skin will be useful if it can also withstand 20 minutes, but after washing use freshly squeezed lemon juice, and then rose water or any suitable soothing tonic.

Smoothing Mask

Mimic wrinkles - not always a sign of age.They appear even in relatively young women, if their skin is thin and dry.First wrinkles until they turned into deep folds, should be promptly removed.At a young age it is easy to manage.Help comes home fat sour cream.For the face of wrinkles to find more effective means is difficult.

protein mask, which is often recommended for tightening sagging skin, for a young woman is not suitable.It is necessary to align the skin from the inside.Sour cream penetrates into the inner layer of the epidermis and restores the lipid balance of the cells.The skin becomes thicker and more elastic.

for dry and sensitive skin

Fresh aloe juice and sour cream for the face with a thin sensitive skin will be a good nutrition and hydration.A meaty and succulent aloe leaf should be cut lengthwise and scrape out the pulp.Mix it with one tablespoon of fat sour cream and apply on face for 15-20 minutes.After this time, the mask should be washed off with water or a special milk for sensitive skin and apply a moisturizing cream.

Purifying Mask of oatmeal

mask cleans the skin of all types - is oatmeal and cream.For people with particularly sensitive skin into it, you can add the pulp of aloe juice or fresh cucumber.If you do this mask every day for a week or two by the end of this period the skin will look incredibly fresh and young.Oatmeal should be crushed in a blender.For one mask is required half a tablespoon of sour cream and cereal.For persons (feedback of those who used the scrub confirm this) there is no better means.Rolled oats with sour cream clean, nourish and moisturize the skin at the same time.This epidermis is not too dry.

Flax and sour cream for beauty and skin elasticity

The ground flax seeds in a blender to be mixed with sour cream until smooth paste and leave for fifteen minutes to flax fermented.This mask cleans the skin, drawing out toxins, small solid fraction flax exfoliates dead skin particles from the surface, as it whitens cream.Flax, like chia, through mucous consistency, very well moisturizes the skin at the cellular level.

Pumpkin flour to eliminate facial tick

Acne - is a serious disease, the treatment of which should be entrusted to a professional dermatologist.However, in swimming pools, beauty shops, public transport and so on. D. We are constantly confronted with the naked eye invisible parasites.Infestation by them, especially in the hot summer, takes on alarming proportions.There is a wonderful remedy for the majority of the parasites - a pumpkin seeds.They should be clean and grind in the mill.For one mask is required half a tablespoon of pumpkin flour and one tablespoon of sour cream.To ensure that clean and improve the skin by microscopic parasites, should conduct a course of 7-10 procedures.The mask should be kept on the face for about 20 minutes, preventing drying.After this time, it can be washed off.Pillowcases and all bed linen change is required - they can be a source of reinfection.

Just good effect against various parasitic and fungal skin lesions flour from grape and apricot seeds.

whitening lifting effect

This mask can recommend to owners of sluggish skin with poor color.The mask includes sour cream, egg white and lemon juice.Protein is necessary to whisk together lemon juice using a mixer.Separate from this mass of one or two tablespoons of strong foam, connect with one tablespoon of sour cream and immediately put on the face, neck and decollete.Time exposure mask - 20 minutes.All this time, it is desirable to be in a state of rest - protein tightens the skin, reducing its area.Relax the muscles of the face and neck, you posposobstvuete more even lifting.Lemon whiten skin, and sour cream nourishes and adds elasticity.

scrub from the black points

In particular, scrub with ground coffee and sleeping sour cream, which is often used as an exfoliating agent, significantly inferior home-mask scrub cream and raw egg shell with lemon juice.For her, we should take a raw egg and wash it with soap and water.To mask only need a shell, so the yolk and white are removed.

shell cleaned from the inside of the film, dried and ground in a mortar and pestle porcelain to a powder.This powder is combined with sour cream polishes the skin very well.Each application is best to make a new structure - take a pinch of powder and a teaspoon of fresh cream.This mask scrub whenever possible to fill another new component, such as a few drops of natural crude oil, flour from whole grains, seeds and nuts, fresh juice.Cleansing is done with light circular movements the massage lines.

yeast to restore microflora

sour cream mask with brewer's yeast is done before applying, and depends on the activity of the yeast.For this reason, it is not harvested for future use.Sachet of dry yeast should be connected with sour cream and a teaspoon of honey and put in a warm place for activating yeast.When the process starts to go in full force, the mask should be put on the face and leave for 15-20 constantly moistening with warm water using a spray gun.After this time, wash off the mask and rub the face tonic and put the cream.

Badyaga to align skin

Mask of fat sour cream home with a powder of the freshwater sponge for some procedures significantly improves the color and quality of the skin.However, this procedure should be approached with caution.

Firstly, it in no way be applied to the area around the eyes, in addition, requires an initial test on tolerance.Badyaga cause a burning sensation or tingling which passes after flushing, and continue to be felt for several hours after the removal of the mask.

Secondly, it can not be used during the active sun, and after application is necessary for a few days, before going out, apply sunscreen to the skin.Otherwise there is a risk of new age spots.After washing off the mask should be left to face clean, then there is no cream, tonics do not need to apply.It would be best to carry out this procedure in the evening, 4-5 hours before bedtime.

Third, it is not necessary to make a mask with badyagoy more frequently than once a month.

badyagi powder should be mixed with sour cream and apply on face.After 20 minutes, rinse with clean water.Tingling - a natural reaction of the skin.This should not be a barrier to treatment.The result - the disappearance of bruises, vascular mesh, smoothing the skin, increasing its tone, pulling, and thus reducing wrinkles.

This mask is suitable for both young and mature skin.It increases blood circulation and activates the skin regeneration.As a result, eliminated such serious problems as flabbiness, unwanted pigmentation, scars from acne and others.

Clay with sour cream

Cosmetic clay has the ability to rejuvenate the skin and improve its texture.Using the cream as the main ingredient for the mask, once a week or two, add it to the clay suitable for your type.The skin reacts improving tone and appearance of a natural blush.With regular use sour cream mask with clay eliminates the need for foundation and other masking agents.

Smetana - the basis for the mask for different purposes

Every woman examining her reflection in the mirror, must learn to critically evaluate their appearance, just noticing what needs to be improved.Sour cream is a very good basis for many masks.It not only acts as a conveyor of useful substances in the internal layers of the epidermis, but by itself is a very efficient bleach and skin moisturizer.In conjunction with the ground nuts, such as pine, it delivers into the skin cells valuable vitamins and oils contained in the nuts.Drawing a mask on the massage lines, with light rubbing in a circular motion with fingertips and driving a similarly expensive procedures that make the prestigious beauty salons.