Drying feet.

Excessive fullness of the hips and legs - this is a problem that concerns not only the modern women and men of all ages.In order to achieve excellent results, you need to gather the will power in a fist.Drying legs combined with proper, balanced diet can lead to well-being and weight reduction in the required field.A set of exercises should be selected for each person individually.

Getting rid of fat

very common opinion that slimming legs no better exercise than standard swings sideways and forward.This has some meaning, but not if there are strong fat.In order to effectively eliminate them require exercise, implies a more vigorous movement.

can not just focus on one problem area, it is important to train the whole body.Drying the feet must be accompanied by exercises that give attractive figure.

main task - not only to give their feet a sporty look, but also to get rid of accumulated fat layers.Complex exercises with the correct and consistent implementation of them give excellent results in the near future.

Regular classes:

  • Three days in a week should be devoted to training Kardiokompleksy it to the hips and legs.
  • other two days will need to perform strength training to tone the muscles of the rest.

Drying legs and buttocks mean besides training also proper nutrition.At the time, when you get rid of excess weight in problem areas, try to avoid eating fatty foods and carbohydrates.If you follow the calorie food, then the result will be much faster than you expect.

cardio zone thighs and legs

to perform complex training need rope any cardio.The first thing you will need to do - is to exercise.Muscles must always be prepared.After the warm-up on the simulator you can actually start jumping rope.Drying feet will give a positive result only if during exercise you will give all the best to the maximum.

What is in training:

  • Running on a skipping rope on two legs 100 jumps.
  • 50 squats (tightens the stomach, straighten, feet are parallel to each other).
  • return to cardio and give your muscles a little rest, perform 5 minutes of exercise on it with medium intensity.
  • Another 100 jumps on a skipping rope.
  • 50 twists to the press.

ideal time duration of exercise - is one hour.However, just because you can not overwork.Start gradually increasing each time period.As you can see, drying feet - it's not easy, because it requires power oxen.But no one is saying it will be easy.

Simple exercises for the legs

Conventional strength exercises also provide an excellent effect in the short term.For them need a special rubber band and dumbbells weighing at least 6 kg (with the time necessary to bring it up to 12 kg).

Before you begin any of the power load, do not forget that you need to stretch your legs.Perfectly suited to jumping rope (at least 300), or a simple jogging for 10-15 minutes.After the workout, you can already begin to exercise with dumbbells.

squats with dumbbells weighing 6-12 kg

Exercises for drying the body should be intense, especially when it comes to giving proper kind thighs.To do this, perfectly suited simple squats with dumbbells.You can start with a weight of 6 kg, gradually increasing it.

To begin sit-ups, you need to straighten your back and draw a good stomach.Make sure the heel is not fixed on the floor.Squats should be made slowly in order to achieve greater effect.Three sets of 12 times - the best option for the beginner, then the intensity is increased.

It is important to rest between sets was no more than 30-40 seconds.

barbell exercises

Before lifting weights, be sure to consult with your coach.He must choose the optimum load, depending on your weight and gender.After that is slow squats in his hands.This is a very effective exercise that gives calves a proper shape.

Exercise "plié»

Stand up straight so that the legs shoulder-width apart.The feet must be turned inside out so that the socks were looking in different directions.Dumbbells keep straight ahead and slowly lower down into a squat until thighs are not yet in a position parallel to the floor.Cranking the pelvis in any case can not be, otherwise the good of exercise just will not.

Three sets of 12 repetitions - this is the optimal intensity.If you feel how the internal muscles, then doing everything right.

Excessive amount of muscle mass

Very often, both men's and women's feet may look like a far for the reason that in this area accumulated fat deposits.The reason may be the large muscles and heavy bone.Drying the feet and hips in this case must contain a special set of exercises.

Popular mistake - the rejection of power exercises.This strategy is incorrect because it does not lead to a reduction in volume in the legs and thighs.

Perform all need to exercise, which have been listed above, but with even greater intensity.Also, do not forget the warm-up on the rope.The contract needs to be done at least 3-4 cycles of exercises with an interval for rest no more than 30 seconds.

Once you're done, go to bed early on the sofa and relax.It is necessary to fix the result of a half-hour jog at an average rate.

Other effective exercises for drying the body:

  • Biking.
  • Rollerblading.

Proper nutrition is important to understand that the drying of the legs and buttocks for girls - it's not weight loss.The main objective is to rid the problem areas of the subcutaneous fat while retaining muscle.For this reason, it is important to follow the diet and fluid intake.

Drying feet girls must be accompanied by a decrease in the diet foods that contain fats and carbohydrates because they promote the formation of fat.Forget about semi-finished products and other harmful products - the less their consumption, the faster you will achieve the desired result.

menu for the day should be structured in such a way that it is dominated by protein.An excellent option is boiled meat (it contains very little fat), fruit and vegetables, dairy products (low fat).Eat as much as possible the natural health food, then exercise for the legs faster drying give fruit.

Drinking water

Water plays a very important role for the human body.As you know, in order to maintain a healthy body throughout the day it is recommended to consume at least two liters of fluid.And when it comes to summer time, maybe more.

Drying legs and buttocks of women is not always easy because it is a small fluid intake.The body is exhausted, and he just did not have enough energy to do the exercises.If you decide to get in shape and do intense workouts, then try to eat during the day as much as possible of the liquid.The larger the amount of water you need to drink in the morning and in the evening - a little less.

required amount of water a day during exercise and diet - three liters.

Drying leg at home

modern pace of life often do not allow to make time to visit the gym.What to do if you lose weight with the buttocks and legs still want to?Perform the exercises at home.Many times it does not take you.But the combination of the correct, balanced diet and regular exercise will cause you quite quickly be able to achieve effective results.

To start practice at home, you do not need to buy expensive exercise equipment.Enough to have comfortable clothes and a simple mat.

Some exercises:

  • Lie on the mat, arms placed under the buttocks.Press start to tense up and lift his legs as high as possible (be sure to keep them straight).This exercise has a positive effect not only on the legs, but also tightens the muscles of other body parts.
  • Dry feet for the girls will not be effective without power exercises.You can even carry them home.Purchase conventional dumbbells, suitable for beginning a weight of 6 kg, with the passage of time can be increased.With the dumbbells you can already perform squats, plies and some other exercises.The result will be no worse than after a visit to the gym.
  • No willingness and ability to spend money on the purchase of rugs, clothing for special exercises and dumbbells?Certainly in your home there is a jump rope.It is this shell can be safely described as the most effective means to combat obesity in the hips and legs.Distribute the load on the whole day.For example, three times during the day perform at least 500 jumps.Over time, increase the number.The more you jump on the rope, the faster will be the visible result.And remember that for any training need to stick to a diet, without it nothing can be achieved.
  • are useful for the general condition of the body and weight loss in the legs daily jog.Take this lesson 30 minutes in the morning or evening, and you will be able to achieve results faster.
  • If the house has rollers or bicycle, then run it is possible to exclude.During the ride the leg muscles are working very hard, and drying it is just what you need.The more that you can ride on roller skates in the fun as much as you want, combining business with pleasure.

Summing up

course, drying feet for a week - it's almost unreal.But within a month it is quite possible to achieve the desired result.Take the will in a fist and begin classes right now.

What you need:

  • deal with every day, constantly increase the intensity of workouts.
  • consume at least three liters of water without gas per day.
  • Exclude from the diet of carbohydrates and fats, the emphasis is on protein, fruits, vegetables and other natural products.

With regular implementation of complex training, use the right amount of fluids and nutrition, you can lose weight, not only in the legs and thighs, but also throughout the body.Even after a month of such a lifestyle you will feel much better, the body will acquire the desired shape, and the legs will look exactly as you have always dreamed of.