Functions of political power

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political power appears and is driven by the need for the implementation of the regulation of relations in society.It forcibly removes the conflicts and contradictions that arise in society due to differences of interests.The struggle for them and explained the need for such a form of influence to overcome the resistance of opposing forces.

functions of political power - these are the features and properties inherent in it, through which it operates in society and change it.The most fully realized they were in the process of domination.Generally, there are four basic functions of political power:

1. Office.With it, the subject of power implements its strategy in practice.It is assumed that management must take concrete and appropriate temporary solution.It reflects the interests of the forces in power.

2. Function control.For its implementation are bodies such as the Prosecutor's Office, Chamber of Control, structure, conducting the audit.

3. organizational functions.It forms the political relations between individuals, parties and classes on the one hand and the state on the other.

4. educational function.It provides the management authority, and be law-abiding citizens' calls.

Of course, the functions of political power is not limited to these four.Since they are very numerous in the life of society, they can be supplemented with a few more.

1. Preserving the integrity of society.

2. Formation of the political system in the society.

3. Control of the different structures of society in their own interests, the impact on them.

4. Guide the affairs of the country and society, using different methods.

5. Management of the state apparatus, the authorities using their own resources.

6. Implementation of the interests and demands of social groups, exercising the functions of government.

7. The stabilization of relations in society.

8. Supporting and strengthening the system of power that already exists.This is done not only to protect their own interests, but also for the development of society as a whole.

9. Saving the proportions between consumption and production so that they help each other to progress and not to stand still.

However, at the present stage, there are some features of political power.For all countries, democratic and economically developed, it became apparent that the neglect of the interests of the citizens only leads to the inability to satisfy the interests of their groups.Society in this case is destabilized, disrupted social order, there is a risk of loss of leadership positions.It is for this reason somewhat different interpretation of power by political scientists of the West.They understood it as the ability to express the interests of the whole society through the interests of a particular class.Applying this view it will look for additional resources.

addition to the above, executes political power functions important to society are also:

- reaching a consensus in society;

- detection of conflicts, their limitation and resolution;

- management of public affairs;

- the maintenance of order in society;

- compulsion to achieve the goals that are meaningful to citizens and maintain social order.

in the system as a function of political power are as follows:

- the definition of its strategy and tactics;

- suppression of behavior deviating from accepted norms;

- analysis of the situation prevailing in the society and in the world of politics;

- disposal of various resources.

Based on the functions performed by the political authorities, we can say that it is necessary for the organization of society, the maintenance of its integrity, as well as to manage the relationship between citizens and the state.